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Just some interesting things i learned along the way.
Here's some things I've learned about a couple things of interest to me.

Fashion design

For anyone that liked dressing up and may have thought of going into the fashion industry. Obviously it's long hours, constantly being in the public eye, and daily duties throughout the day. Here's a little advice from some experts in the field.

Be careful with your social media prescence. As with the work force you never know who may be watching.

Put yourself out there, the world will never know your awesome if you keep yourself locked away.

Never be afraid to ask for help.


One travler to the Balkans had some interesting insight on their travels.

Some Serbian kids go to school only half the day.

Many Albanian couples date privately b/c of intense pressure to marry from family.

Some signs use Eng. Words b/c local lang. is too long or complicated.

Balkan men carry man bags.

Receits given for smallest purchases.

Tassie devil or taz the tasmanian devil is quite well known.

Eng. films subbed but not dubbed,possibly b/c too pricey.

Some cafes won't seat groups of men. Modern ones wanting to attract women and turn into a men's club.

Passengers avoid bus station tax by boarding bus around the corner from bus station.

Bus drivers always have an assistant.

Most cafes serve just drinks and wifi, sometims desserts.

Non-euro countries will often take the euro.

Shop keepers often round off bill then deal w/change.

Yoghurt is a popular drink.

Tea often herbal.

Every country has burek.

Conversational roadblocks

Talking to people can be hard, especially when you're dating. Here's some things you may be doing that's causing others to not like you.

Avoiding eye contact.

Telling raunchy jokes.

Talking way too fast.

Using your phone mid-conversation.

Offering unsolicited advice.

Overusing filler words.

Zoning out.


Hijacking the conversation.

Being overly negative.

Being fake.

Offering insincere apologies.

Using controlling lang.

Workplace proficiency
Open-plan office: Plus or bust?

85% of employees dissatisfied w/their workplace

31% higher productivity had by happy employees

77% employees felt flexible working aided productivity

Ave. office worker loses 86 minutes a day to distractions

Email/messaging use shot up by over 67% in open-plan offices

Employees spend 73% less time in face- to- face interactions

Strong office design can make employees up to 33% happier

58% of high achieving employees said they need more quiet workspaces

54% of high achieving employees find office enviornment "too distracting"

10 x fewer sick days are taken by employees who report being happy at work


Here are some common and not so common ways you can make money.

Sell jellyfish

Communicate w/dead pets

Spiritual house cleansing

Paint dumpsters

Get paid to wear t-shirts

Make your pet the next social media star

Sell weird toilet paper

Professional sleeper

Professional whistler

Professional cuddler

Collect dog poop and deer pee

Pretend to be a patient (for med school students)

Be a test subject

Clean IMAX screens

Ice cream tester

Ice sculptor

Hangover helper

Professional mourner

Sell your coffee mugs

Sell your friendship- (rent a friend)

Sell pet rocks

Rent your shed

Sell your hair

Play video games for prizes

Repurpose things

Milk snakes for venom

Paint Mackinac bridge

Lice removal technitian

Review "sensitive content" for google

Give away a book

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