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Will Squoz be able to trust her professors again after being locked up for a mistake?
I know that I know what I'm doing,
But my professors refuse to agree.
They only see what they want to see,
And they want to see
What is easiest to see:
I let the water spill outside the beaker.

Nevermind that I was being careful,
Nevermind that the test tube was full to the brim,
Nevermind that the lab was overcrowded,
It's off to the crate with me.

I stand in place inside the crate,
Feeling ever so lonesome and anxious
As the other students peer at me through the bars
Like I'm some sort of shameful circus freak.

Why would my professors change their minds so soon?
They were so kind to me when I first came here.
They took me in
After I had been thrown out
By my previous teachers and peers from the past;
Whether they threw me out
For the same reason I'm locked up now,
It can only be assumed,
But, nonetheless,
These new professors took me in
To nurture me
And help me flourish again.

They were so kind to me-
Bringing me Wendy's,
Scolding classmates who bullied me,
And encouraging me to make new friends.
I loved them, and they loved me back-
That is, until I made my mistake.

Why did I trust them?
Why did I think their support would last?
How was I too careless to realize
That, some time or later,
I would mess things up like I usually do,
Causing everyone to lose faith in me?

If I want to still have a chance at succeeding,
Perhaps I should act as my classmates do-
Looking out for themselves and no one else.
That's the reason why they've gotten so far, isn't it?
It must be.
I mean, they're not the ones locked up.
When I get out of this crate,
I will see to it
That I'm the only one.
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