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Written for the Pink Unicorn Contest
Amidst spring’s brisk refreshing air
He hops and stops, the Easter hare.
With twitching nose and fluffy tail,
He hides eggs ‘twixt river and dale.

But lo! He sees with sparkling eyes,
A mystical creature - to his surprise.
Prancing about all fine and dandy,
A unicorn made from cotton candy!

Softly shaking spun-sugar mane,
It snorts and paws the grassy plain.
Sauntering with exotic grace
A challenge for a friendly race.

Pondering this invite with a frown,
The rabbit puts the basket down.
Then he sits upon his haunches,
Waiting till the creature launches.

They’re off to a jolly start!
Through the trees they twist and dart.
Neither one giving any ground
Crossing hills in a single bound.

Across the finish, both are tied
But the unicorn begins to glide
Soaring into the cloudy air,
High above the panting hare.

Shaking his ears, the bunny grins
Watching as the pink horse spins
Cavorting in the azure skies
Faintly neighing his goodbyes.

The busy rabbit then returns,
To placing eggs among the ferns.
Now’s not the time for wild stunts,
But joy and wondrous Easter hunts!

(32 lines)
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