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Noctis TF/TG/AR Fic originally writen in DA (Pen name there is Sasuke-sama28)
Isabel Carlson (86 year old version), Miranda Carlson: Sasuke-sama28
Noctis Lucis Caelum, Prompto Argentum, Final Fantasy XV: Square Enix
The year is 2081. Isabel Carlson had lived a long life. She had enough money to live on, due to saving most of her life. Yet, she had regrets and broken dreams.
She wanted to use the money she saved to travel to conventions and enjoy what used to be her hobby: cosplay. That was 63 years ago. She wanted to travel to a certain convention out of town and cosplay there. She wanted to also commision a cosplay of what used to be one of her favorite characters: Noctis Lucis Caelum from the now classic game Final Fantasy XV.
Unfortunatly, her parents got in the way of her dreams financially by having half of her pay check transfered to her retirement saving account at the bank. What was left was barely enough to save for conventions and a cosplay, not to mention her paycheck no longer had raises due to taxes nibling them and everything else . It led her to give up on both her dreams and cosplay as a whole. That was a fight she lost. She was 23 at that time. Now she's 86 and retired, still healthy though. With the forced savings she had enough to both live well and offer herself everything she wants.
Unfortunatly, she didn't have the energy to do anything she wanted. Her personal nurse won't let her, despite Isabel being healthy for a senior of her age.
The only good thing were the visits of her grand daughter, Miranda, who shared the passion she lost in her youth. Her son, Miranda's father didn't share her passion and was more focused on his studies, making him the mirror image of her father back then, but Miranda was more like she was when she was young. She loved hearing the stories of her grand-mother's past when she was a young geek like her. They were close like two sisters.
She heard from her grand-daugther Miranda that the convention she dreamed to attend was coming to her hometown. It saddened her that it finally came to her yet she couldn't attend. It was a slap in the face. Howrever she was happy to see that Miranda wanted to attend. She encouraged her to go, despite Miranda's parents who didn't want.
"Live your dreams, don't let anyone tell you what to do." she told her grand daugther. She even gave enough money for Mranda to buy tickets to the convention, to buy food and shop there and a for a cosplay. "Just don't tell your parents, it will be our secret."
Two weeks later, the eve of the convention, Miranda went to see her grand-mother. She brought two bags and two odd bracelets.
"I wanted to thank you for giving me the money for the con and for the costumes." said Miranda.
"You're welcome." said Isabel. "I wanted you to do what you like and go for your dreams, what I coudn't do."
"Well, you'll be able to." said Miranda.
"What do you mean?" Isabel asked.
"You're coming with me!"
Isabel was surprised. "Me? Why? You can bring your friends."
"They are coming, but I still have 1 ticket left. And you wanted to attend that con when you were young, but you were not able."
"That was in the past. But now I'm too old for this." Isabel replied.
"We can fix that." Miranda replied. She putted one of the bracelets around Isabel's right wrist.
"What is this?" Isabel asked.
"You'll see."
Isabel felt an odd energy pulsing from the bracelet, through her arm. It slowly spread through her entire body. Her bone and muscle structure changed and became stronger. Her skin and face changed as she became younger again, going from 83 to 20. Even though she became young again, she wasn't turning into her younger self, she would notice that as she felt her breasts deflate and vanish, her chest was flat, she felt something emerging between her legs. She was he now. He gain a few muscles on his arms and legs. His chest and hips became regal and fit for a prince. "What am I becoming?" he asked, noticing that his voice had changed. It was deeper, male,yet young...and familiar. "I..sound like..him!" he said. "Yep, that's who you're becoming!" Miranda replied.
His face and hair were the next and last thing to change. His traits became familiar young male ones, His eyes narrowed and turned from green to sapphire blue. His hair untied ad were being pulled shorter and almost messy on the back. Shoulder length locks formed on each side of his face and bangs formed on his forehead. The once grey hair darkened and turned bluish black. The transformation was done.
Miranda guided him to the nearest mirror. Isabel looked surprised. In the mirror it wasn't his reflection greeting him but the one of his former video game hero, Noctis Lucis Caelum. "I...I'm Noctis?" he said ,surprised. "You better believe it!" said Miranda.

She removed the bracelet from Isabel,now Noctis's left wrist and handed him the costume and boots. "You better change. After all Noct, you can't be seen dressed like a granny." "You got a point." said Noctis as he took the clothes and went in his room to change. Meanwhile, Miranda grabbed another costume and bracelet, hers and went in the bathroom. Before to close the door, she placed her bracelet around her left wrist. As she closed the door. Freckles appeared over her nose and on her cheeks and her black hair started to turn blond and shorter.
Moments later, Noctis came out of his room, now clad in his Prince fatigue outfit. "Alright Miranda. I'm dressed. Where are you?"
"In the bathroom! I'm almost done!" said a voice coming from the bathroom. It wasn't Miranda's normal voice. This voice was...deeper, yet youthful..and familliar.
"Wait. a minute?" He remembered that Miranda also had another costume and bracelet. "Are you...."
"I'm done!" "Miranda" replied as "she opened the door. But as "she" came out of the bathroom, Miranda looked different, yet familliar. "You..You've become...Prompto?" "Yep, that's who I'm cosplaying as." said Miranda. Messy blond hair almost looking like Chocobo feathers, blue eyes, freckles over his nose and cheeks and clad in sleeveless shirt and vest with a red fabric hangning, leopard patterns pants and boots, and gauntlets and bands, Miranda was now Prompto Argentum, Noctis's best friend. "Those bracelets came with the costumes. They are made with nanites filled with a special transformative energy that can transform you into the character you're wearing the costume of." he explained, taking his bracelet off. "No wigs, makeup or masks needed. Plus that way, my parents won't be able to tell it's us!"
"Quite impressive." said Noctis. "But is it reversable?" "Yeah, just wear the bracelet again, but we can still use it as much as we want." Prompto explained. "Yeah, there is no hurry to change back." Noctis explain. "I can stay that way for awhile. Never though I would attend a con as the real Noctis."
'Call it a dream come true gran... I mean buddy. Sorry this will get some used to." said Prompto.
"Indeed." said Noctis. "Come on,let's head to the con!"
"Yeah,let's go!"
They headed to the con in Miranda's Prompto's car. They were sharing an hotel room with Miranda's friends, who were also attending the con. Noctis had a great time there. It was even better then the cons she attended in the past before he stopped attending them. Sure they all the the stuff he knew like the dealer's room, artist alley, photo booths and panels and activities and video game room, but there was also things like a holographic LARP room. He and Prompto tried it and enjoyed that alot. Plus alot of people stopped to take pictures of them, complimenting them about their costumes.
They really had a great time. He had waited a long time to attend a con and it was worth the wait.
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