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Anyone else hate roller coasters?
The inevitable impending doom draws closer as the contraption of horror they call a Roller coaster climbs a track that should be illegal in all fifty states. When the ride is almost completely vertical and still climbing I know for sure that today is the last day of my life.
This ride sounds rusty and old as it climbs uphill with seemingly immense effort.

Clickety-clunk Clickety-clunk.

We're not gonna die. We're not gonna die.
I repeat like a mantra in my head.

It doesn't work.
So much for optimism.

I can feel Daryll's eyes on me as the ride pulls to a slow rickety stop at the top of the hill.

"Okay, we're about to drop. Try to stay calm and remember to breathe okay?" He instructs.

Oh. Sure thing. Yeah, just throw me in a cart, put a bar over me and send me twirling off into yonder at supersonic speed with not so much as a parachute or a last wish before I die, I'll be just fine. I'm sure it's perfectly possible to breath deeply with air rushing past you at a thousand miles-an-hour.

My mind rants on.

All I can do is nod slightly, my entire body tense. Repeating four words over and over. We're not gonna die.

Yep, I'll be just fine.

My eyes- which I hadn't realized were closed- Crack open and I risk a quick peek ahead.
All I can see is sky and a few distant tree tops.
I spare a fearful glance at the boy next to me. He smiles encouragingly. So I take a deep breath and say to myself-


Because right when I'm getting myself together and thinking maybe, just maybe I'll be okay, the death contraption plunges downward with such speed and suddenness that my insides stay at the top of the hill and a blood-curdling scream tears it's way out of my chest.

My eyes involuntarily slam shut and my voice leaves my chest of it's own accord.
For a while we're just free falling downward, plunging at full speed towards hell.

The wind crashes against my face, taking my breaths away before I can even release them.
My lungs eventually can no longer scream and I'm forced to gasp at the abundant but unattainable oxygen that is flying past me.
My hand is clenched so tightly around Daryll's that I'm pretty sure my fingernails are digging into his skin at a painful level, but he keeps his hand wrapped firmly around my own.

I hear what I believe is his voice over the hundreds of other endless screams and the sound of my heart slamming into my rib-cage and pulsating in my ears.

He's telling me it's gonna be okay, that he won't let go.

My insides churn with my pumping blood.

I almost want to believe him, that the worst of it is over already and this ride won't get any worse.
But then the twisting and twirling starts...
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2189541