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Rated: 13+ · Novel · Romance/Love · #2189616
This story is about a girl who discovers a way back to her dead mother.
"Beep"The machine went. I got up quickly from my chair and doctors and nurses flew in and kicking me out of the room only age 15, leaving me wondering is my mother gonna be okay? i asked a nurse "is my mother okay??" i saw worry in her eyes and she said to me in the sweetest most worried voice ever " Its going to be okay soon. now wait outside okay sweetie" i walked away from the door trying not to cry all i wanted her to say was i promise. But not even that i remember crying myself to sleep and i woke up with doctors surrounding me and they said "Your mother has gone passed" I remember looking into her eyes and me sobbing there like a baby and i ran into her arms and hugged her so hard i felt as if my arms were jelly. She then told me " Do you remember any family members number?" i tried to remember my aunt Janes number but i couldn't remember i said no and she said "That's fine what family member would you want us to try to call? i said " my aunt Jane shes 23 years old and she lives in California and her last name is Hendrick just like me and my mother"the doctor nodded. I went to the hospital bathroom and went to a stall i locked the door and cried i felt so numb like another piece of my heart had just been ripped and broken into a trillion different pieces i thought another big chunk right out of my heart how could my lord do this to me. i cried some more and i heard a voice about 15 years old and she called out to me"hey are you okay?" i responded trying my best not to cry" I'm fine" i got out of the bathroom and washed my hands" she looked up to me she had black jet hair, dark blue eyes, a pinkish lip, she had a white shirt with a blue flannel jacket some fishnets and some chunky boots. She cupped my face " Are you okay whats wrong?'' i responded "Will if your just so nosy and you must know my mother just died of breast cancer and i'm all alone" she said "i'm so sorry i feel terrible please forgive me" she hugged me i hugged her back it felt so nice to have someone here with me on this horrible day. she said " well nice to meet you the names Frankie whats yours?'' "nice to meet you to my name is Caroline people call me Carol" she said " what are you some grown up i like Caroline better its much more edgy and bold" she said " do you have a phone?" I said " yeah its right here i forgot i even had one" she said " here whats your number" i gave it her and she sent me a quote it read " Don't let the little things hurt you" and she said goodbye and left the bathroom and i washed my face and decided to head out to the lobby. the doctor said that they had the phone ready and i said " i'm so sorry i had her phone number all along in my phone i was just to confused to think or even remember" the doctor said its fine" "pack your bag at 4:00 a taxi is coming to take you home you must pack because you're going to your aunt Janes house i have gotten you a plane ride to California at 7:00 am tomorrow" I said " that's great" i packed every thing put my phone to charge and waited for time to pass by it seemed as if time had slowed down every thing so quiet yet so depressing the taxi came i got my phone and charger and stuffed it into my bag. i got into the taxi i listened to some music and it all seemed so fake i wanted to say no it's not true my mother is alive their lying to me i know they are but part of me knew it was true that i was just crazy and stupid i cried silently the whole ride home.And i got home i unlocked the house and got everything into bags all of my prized possessions and some company took it to California and i only kept one bag for the ride. I was about to call Aunt Jane but then something silver had caught my eye i crouched down to get a better look and i saw my mothers bracelet and i put it on and i got a flash back the night it all happened and every thing turned dizzy and i fell and i dreamed all about it. My mom was getting ready to cook mac and cheese her head hurt and i was playing my guitar all of a sudden my mom yelled " Caroline ! " she fell i called 911 and all of a sudden i heard beeping and i found out it was my alarm i heard honking it was time to go so i got my bag pulled the bracelet tighter said goodbye to the house and ran outside. i called my aunt Jane she didn't respond so i left her a voice mail.I was on the plane and i was nervous evrytime i would hoold my mother's haands but this time she was't here she was gone hopefully in a better place.I put on my headphones and listened to m 60s playlist the one my mother made for me. I didn't know how to cope with this i was confusd and lost all i wished for was that my mother was here to telll me what to do.All of a sudden a guy came around my age he was cute but i couldn't come to speak.
He said " Hey" he seemed friendly he was alone too. I was trying not to be rude so i said "Hello" he looked kinda sad like me. "so where are you heading to?" i responded " Oh California you?" he said " same and are you okay you look like you were crying." i responded " it's a long story really my mother died yesterday so im going with my aunt to live'' he sighed " im so sorry to hear that my names Justine your?" " the names caroline" he llooked at me " thats a pretty name" "thanks" i fell asleep for the rest" and he woke me up "caroline we landed" " huh?" he smirked " i left something in your phone" and he left. I got up got mu bag and saw i had ten missed calls from my aunt. I called her " hey?' "sweetie!! i was so fucking worried about you" she said crying " i know im so sorry i just landed" "ok great you stay right there im coming now as we speak ill wait for you at terminal 3" "ok bye aunt Jane love you" " Bye sweetie " she hung up
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2189616