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Let your lady know you love and respect her
Let us guys have a talk today, and you ladies can listen in. Guys do you have a lady that just by hearing her name brings a smile to your face, who makes your heart jump? A woman with a beautiful heart and soul you anticipate getting a text or call from and it makes your whole day brighter when you receive it.

Gentleman, this wonderful lady has stolen your heart and touched your very soul! She is someone that makes the sunsets more colorful, music sweeter to your ears. All in all this amazing person is a gift from God to you. This incredible individual is responsible for making your life a more wonderful place to live.

So let me ask you, shouldn't you be responsible with her heart? You should express to her daily, multiple times if you're so inclined, that you love her deeply with every part of your heart and soul.

But understand, saying it is not enough! Let your actions define that this love is true and something she can count on. Give her the confidence you will stand up for her, always be by her side, you will catch her if she falls and storm the gates of hell to protect her! Give her your time, and when she is with you let her know she is the center of your world.

Remember what Ephesians 5:25 says, "Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her." And this doesn't just apply to wives but any lady who has become a loving and intricate part of your life.

When you're together walking, have her hand in yours never letting her feel like she's a step behind you. When you hug her, hold her close, not just for a second, let it last awhile. Kiss her so she knows shes been kissed even if you're just leaving to go to the store. Send her a text, write her a note, leave her a little something that she can find in her car or purse that lets her know you're thinking of her. Be honest with her in everything!

None of us are perfect and in the process of wanting to protect her you might skirt an issue so she doesn't get hurt. Never a good idea! Believe me, she would rather have the truth! If you do make a mistake, which we all do men and women alike, be quick to take responsibility for your actions and don't make excuses. Take them as a lesson learned, apply them to your life and become a better man for it in God's eyes and hers.

If she makes a mistake, forgive quickly letting her know you love her unconditionally. Most importantly keep God as the center of your relationship putting Him above even each other. Pray with her daily building a deeper foundation between both of you and God.

I am no expert on relationships guys, please understand this. Although one thing I have come to understand through making my own mistakes, learning lessons and applying them to my life is these issue's are important in a relationship. One where the foundation is so strong it can withstand anything.

Men, if you're responsible with her heart, I guarantee you she will reciprocate and be responsible with yours. Two hearts beating as one. This is what I have found in my life with my little lamb and I will tell you without hesitation my friend I have been blessed. A love like this, grounded in God may come along once in a lifetime.

If you've been given the opportunity to receive this kind of love, whether in a friendship or deeper relationship, hold on to it with everything you have! Because my friend you truly have been and given the ultimate treasure to guard, protect, and be responsible for. So man up and take it seriously!
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