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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Dark · #2189678
ever been afraid of sleeping at night?
sounds fascinating,doesn't it? but what if i tell you that sometimes they can completely turn your life around.i was in mid 12th when i was blackmailed by the man i once loved.we all make bad choices but some choices can end up being the worst nightmares. those terrible six months were hard to survive but somehow i did and fought with it and as we all know if we face our fear it loses the power over us. but what if i tell you that it's not the end , there's more to the story. after it was finally over and i stopped receiving those threats that made my life a living hell at a particular point of time, i thought i'll be able to LIVE again but sadly the threats left but somewhere in the back of my mind i was still afraid. i started getting nightmares of all the dark nights that i spend crying alone in the bathroom. i always felt like someone will come along again to ruin everything.i was afraid and i could barely sleep or i better say that i didn't wanted to because those nightmares of me lost in a forest or a dark place or someone following me won't end. it was suffocating and waking up with tears every morning was much tough than you can think.people always tell you to forget the bad incidents and get over with your life but you don't know how tough it is until you are the one experiencing something terrible. i still sometimes get afraid when i get a message. its not the past that hurts but the flashback that follows. maybe i tried to move on but the little girl who cried herself to sleep at night and who felt completely powerless was still there on the bad or in the bathroom crying and having no idea of what to do. sometimes when i think about all that i get goosebumps and it scares the shit out of me but then i make myself believe that it's over and you were strong enough to deal with it. throughout your entire life you have experiences some are good some are bad and some changes you completely. initially i felt bad for myself but eventually i understood that it made me wiser and i think twice before making a decision or letting someone in because i don't trust people that easily anymore. this one experience was one of the most terrible part of my life but it made me better and helped me in growing.it's hard to get over something like this but it changes you for good. the one thing that i learnt was never let anyone ever know your weakness because you never know when someone can use it against you.
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