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by Olem
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“We may be born in this world unexpectedly, but your existence has its great purpose.”
It was in the taciturn evening, Papa was not yet home, and he was full drinking alcoholic beverages. Mom and my siblings were waiting for him at home and expecting to receive a bit from him. But the time ran fast, and my siblings got to rest and sleep tight. It was almost in the middle of the night, Papa still not at homespun. Mom was tired and so went to sleep. For a long time, Papa was coming home as if doing an interpretative dance, ballet or a pop dance could be. He sat beside mom and kissed her. Mom felt the kiss as if it was the first kiss and was drowned by the sensation the two both felt, it was unplanned to happen. They forgot not to add another member of the family, but they lose their selves to the senses they both fondled and what they’re doing is my ----EXISTENCE.

Within nine months of staying inside the womb of my beloved mom, I always felt the warmth of her touch, the melody of her hums, the fire of her love for me, and heartfelt joy when I kicked. It made me more so excited to see what lies in the outside world. While staying at her womb, it was easy for both us. I knew then she was not in a good condition to carry, bear and labor me because it would put an end to her life. I heard back then when Papa told Mama to abort me. “No, the baby is formed and killing him is a big sin. How would I live peacefully if this one I carry will be killed by me? I am his mother, whether I will die or not during my time, I will not abort him.”, Mama said.

That was then I concluded that “Love is something that should be receiving or getting from others, Love is also giving even if it costs you, time, money, effort, everything”.

My delivery was indeed a difficult one, which my mom and I were in a 50/50 condition. But we were both alive, we are both living up.

I believe that whether or not your existence is planned, you should live by it and discover the purpose that your life has ahead.
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