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Rated: E · Prose · Romance/Love · #2189749
Two college professors maintain a long-distance bond and discover the magic of furniture.
Sandy realized she'd been teaching at Oxford (England) for well over 5 years and had not achieved the level of happiness she thought a life in education would provide. She was now 29 years-old, and all she could think about was Samuel. Samuel was teaching at Seton Hall University (New Jersey, USA), and it had been 2 years since he'd been guest-teaching at Oxford under a special transfer-teaching program. Samuel met Sandy and the two fell madly in love, but they realized they needed to temporarily part ways so they could continue teaching at their respective respected institutions, especially since both highly regarded the teaching profession.

Samuel's students had noticed that their professor had been acting rather depressed that week. Samuel taught Comparative Literature at Seton Hall, and Sandy taught Psychology at Oxford. Samuel and Sandy were both thrilled to become teachers when they first entered the education field, but now the prospect of a long-distance relationship, complete with its inevitable complications, was clouding their reasoning (and passion) for teaching. Samuel knew if he simply left his teaching job at Seton Hall and moved to England to be with Sandy, Sandy would not respect such a rash decision, since she knew Samuel valued his job at Seton Hall. Sandy was therefore likewise depressed while teaching at Oxford that week...and her students noticed as well.

Sandy decided to keep writing emails to Samuel to remind him that she loved him dearly and was anticipating their next meeting/visit with each other, perhaps the coming summer. Samuel read Sandy's emails with great fervor and affection but was not convinced that he was doing everything possible to make their relationship feel more 'cozy.' Samuel told one of his teacher-friends at Seton Hall that maintaining a long-distance relationship (with Sandy at Oxford) made him realize that the challenge of such a love-bond was finding ways to express sincere emotions with 'mundane' or 'pedestrian' tools such as email. One night, Sandy had a strange dream in which she imagined she was a comic book superheroine and Samuel was a comic book superhero and that's how they'd 'keep their fire lit' over the long distance between each other (the Atlantic Ocean!).

SAMUEL: "Sandy, I had a really bizarre dream last night in which I imagined I was a comic book superhero and you were a comic book superheroine and that our incredible/marvelous powers and magic was what kept the fire in our long-distance love-bond lit. I've resolved to create a series of comic book 'fan-fics' on the Internet which depict two intelligent college professors (who are secretly superhumans/heroes) communicating over long distances to maintain their relationship while they planned ways to eventually/finally marry! I'm excited about this little project, since I'm almost 100% certain that I had this strange and enchanting dream before you did; and I know this original and unique idea struck me before it struck you, which is why I will adapt the drama and sentimentalism of our relationship/courtship in my superhero-superheroine fan-fics...to stay one step ahead of you in this 'courtship game.' You see, Sandy? I've found an ingenious way to make our long-distance relationship a thing of intrigue. Thank goodness I had that dream last night...I love you. For every fan-fic that receives a great review or award of some kind, I'll buy a special piece of new furniture for my university apartment or office...to remind me of 'real life'."
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