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What is it that you fear? Feel free to comment below!

Fear is the thing shambling in the dark, stopping when you stop. Was it your imagination?

Fear is the eerie quiet under a partially obscured Autumn moon.

Fear is falling into a pit, vainly attempting to escape as dirt rains down upon you, covering you. The last minute seems like an eternity. Your lungs burn for air; panic scrambles your mind. You thrash about, hoping to knock yourself unconscious or impale your temple with a protruding stone, but the dirt now holds your head firm.

Fear is wondering if the last, agonizing sensation you felt in life follows you for an eternity in the afterlife.

Fear is a conviction that the thing you fear will one day end your life and thoughts begin to seep into your mind that it is better not to live then to face those fears.

Fear is the frothy-mouthed animal running toward you.

Fear is the mother who poisons her child, and you are too small to help your sibling and too weak to prevent it from happening to you next.
Fear is the noose that awaits to send you to the afterlife to atone for your wicked deeds.

Fear is the spider crawling across your face at one in the morning. You swat it off and scramble for the bedside lamp to see where it landed only to have the light reveal thousands more, covering your walls, floor, ceiling, bed.

Fear is the heavy breathing emanating from the dark hallway of the empty house. You stare into the darkness and swear you see the walls expand and contract, mirroring every breath you take.

Fear is staring into the mirror and seeing your reflection wink and offer a sinister grin.

Fear is the shadow coalescing into a thing of teeth and claws.

Fear is being helpless to stop the abduction of your child.

Fear is the brewing storm while you sit alone, in the old house, with no lights. Each flicker of lightning shows the thing in the corner one step closer.

Fear is the coffin in which you awaken. Your shouts sound dull due to six feet of dirt piled on top of you.

Fear is the beast from the closet standing over your bed, watching you sleep, holding the severed head of the monster from under your bed.

Did any of these resonate with you?

What is it you fear?

Describe it in one word, or one sentence, or one paragraph. Be as brief or as descriptive as you like.
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