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by livp
Rated: E · Critique · Comedy · #2189874
A proposal on fixing the American voting system
Every four years, America’s voters elect a new leader of the free world–a new President. Sometimes the current leader vies for reelection, with little competition or staunch opposition. The current landscape for the presidential campaign is riddled with challengers–sixteen and counting. Elections are riddled with problems––how are voters to distinguish these different candidates from each other, when voters already do not inform themselves. Does the antiquated system of the electoral college votes, which are weighted more than popular vote, discourage voters from doing their civic duty? To narrow the field of candidates down and to modernize the United States’ election system, I propose a head-to-head battle of the wits and strengths that captures the nation’s attention in the format of a reality tv show.
Imagine a cross between national favorites like American Idol, the Bachelor, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and Jeopardy with some intriguing twists. In the first round to test candidates’ knowledge of the nation’s demographics and mastery of government information, a Jeopardy-style game could be implemented. The fast-paced pressure of the game show style will unveil who is most knowledgeable about the American people and the intricate details of the American political system. Who wants a president who could not even pass an AP Government exam? The five people with the lowest scores will be eliminated immediately due to inadequate comprehension of the government as nobody wants an idiot-in-chief.
The next round will focus on the candidates’ platforms, policy goals, and past lives invoking elements of the Bachelor. In the place of a single man, the candidates try to woo the American public through a series of questions and outings. America’s favorite host, Ryan Seacrest, will flash his trademark smile and ask the tough questions, such as “What is the one thing you would not want your fellow candidates to find out about you?” or “What are your thoughts about gun control?” American citizens, aged eighteen and up, will be able to vote via mobile app for their favorite candidates. The top five highest vote earning candidates will remain eligible for the final and toughest challenge yet.
Although it doesn’t seem hard to be a Kardashian and film your entire day, although for politicians maintaining a persona would be increasingly hard, since they so frequently change their promises and apparent values, so who is the candidate as they live their lives for a week? The remaining five contestants will be followed by a camera crew as they live their lives on the campaign and at home. This will allow the public to grasp which candidate has the consistency character, integrity, and temperament necessary to lead the free world, negotiate treaties, represent America at summits, and command our armed forces. Imagine third-wheeling Cory Booker’s date with his girlfriend only for it to end in a massive argument or learning Kamala Harris’ twelve step skincare routine to learn she doesn’t live like the average American. Through observing the ordinary lives and mannerisms of the top fives candidates, America’s eligible voters will have a considerable amount of data to make an informed vote.
Keep your phones charged and connected to WiFi as you consider all the information we gain from this proposition. From basic knowledge of the American government to knowing a candidates’ hopes, motivations, and history, and finally their true personality and inner self, the American voter can finally make a thoroughly educated decision as they watch a series of episodes on the American experiment. Not only will voters be confident in their actions, but the archaic system of the electoral college will be abolished as now voters can indeed drive American democracy with all the knowledge needed to vote appropriately.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2189874-So-You-Think-You-Can-Vote