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by Monty
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Written for the Veterans Forum Contest.

There’s a star spangled banner,
And I know exactly where
Since I can first remember,
It has always been there.

Waving here deep within me,
Never far from my mind
The symbol of my country,
Like no other I can find.

Liberty, justice and freedom,
Is for what it forever stands,
That’s the message it imparts
Heard throughout all lands.

It has been in many places,
Freedom there to bring,
To remove the oppression,
Where dictators would be king.

Brought liberty to the people,
Who had no hope at all,
Until America joined the fray,
With it’s mighty battle call.

To have justice for all countries,
Is all our flag does ask,
Becoming battle scared and weary,
But ever equal to the task.

It marks so very many more,
Than a single grave,
Where the soldier is sleeping,
The last bed of the brave.

The Star Spangled Banner
Forever may it wave.
Always there with honor,
O’er the dead veterans grave.

When my writing is all over,
I’ve crossed my final “T”…
That flag will be presented,
The one that’s saved for me.

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