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Closing Argument for Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire
Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire

Ladies and Gentleman of the jury, my clients, Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire, have been accused of murdering Count Olaf. These are three children who have recently lost their parents in a fire and become orphans. They have been tossed into countless homes with different guardians. Count Olaf managed to find them in each home because he is trying to steal their fortune. He even tried to trick Violet Baudelaire into a legal marriage during an acting performance.

I understand the town of V.F.D. abides by a set of strict rules and guidelines which I fully respect but what's right is right. My clients are awaiting severe sentencing of being burned at the stake. The punishment that awaits my clients is unfair and unjust. These are innocent children we are talking about and I can prove it.

The man that stands before us today, claiming to be a detective, is an imposture. He is Count Olaf in disguise. Count Olaf is alive and well and standing before us today. Jacques Snicket was the man murdered. He was falsely imprisoned by Count Olaf who was disguised as a detective. Count Olaf fooled everyone into believing he was dead.

Jacques Snicket was mistakenly believed to be Count Olaf because the two men have matching tattoos on their left ankle. At one point, they belonged to the same secret organization which the tattoo represents. The only evidence against the Baudelaire's was the detective's word, which can be proven is Count Olaf, a blueprint of the jail and a mechanical device designed to break into the jail. The Baudelaire's were in possession of the blueprint and the machine because they originally intended to break Jacques Snicket out of jail to prove his innocence. But the Baudelaire's did not follow through with their plan. If you look over the jail, you will see there is no damage or any possible way the children broke into the jail. Merely wanting to do something is not a crime without action.

Your Honor, ladies, and gentleman of the jury, do not allow innocent children to be harmed and murdered for a crime they did not commit. Count Olaf is still at large and will continue to commit horrific crimes if the real criminal is not taken to justice at last. Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire are not guilty.

Word Count: 390
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