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by Olem
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A woman who never slept with anybody, not because she is not sexy. It is a secret!
It was hot, passionate, tender, wet and wild kiss. Her lips wanted more of it. They were both thirst of each other. Who would not be after 3 years of not being together, this is the best thing a couple does to fill those missed moments. That man's lips left her heart-shaped lips and went down to her sexy neck giving her an assuring and desperate kiss. While his hand were moving, and finding her gifted-big round breast. "Augghh! I love you, and I miss this.", said by her. Now, his tongue played the nude nipples, and trying to tickle his beloved. "I hungry for this. And now, I have to be fulled by you. Slllllrps...", teased of her beloved. When he had enough of her breasts, he moved down to her marvelous and alluring cauliflower.

"Nice and freshly shave.", said by her beloved while smiling.

"'Cause I know it is what you like. I always prepare the best menu I could ever offer to you in my entire life.", her replied. "What are you waiting for? Taste it, and crave for more."

Her beloved kissed her pink cauliflower and played it with his tongue. His man is good at playing game like this, and it was always manifested by her melodic moaning. They were both drowned by the pleasure they have missed together. And when their body got reunited from 24 ignitions of their two marvelous organs, then...

"BLACKOUT!!! WHY??!!", shout by Vaness Oh. "Otoke! I love the scene their and why on earth this power is not cooperating!". Well, everything is just a movie watch by Vaness.

She is now 24 years old, a secretary of a well-known company, and of course has a boyfriend, who just recently broke her up because every time they made out she always rejected him. Why? It is a secret. And that, she live her life with purity, 100% virgin. But she love watching erotic drama, or porn. For information, it is her favorite hobby. So what is her secret?
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