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Carl's country drive leads to the unexpected.
Where Am I?

Carl knew he should have updated the maps to his Garmin navigation system before heading out that evening. It had been twenty years since he'd driven out to his high school friend's country home, and their accidental meeting in town naturally introduced an invite.

The moonless night along two-lane road was exactly what he didn't want. 'Watch for wildlife' signs popped up ever few miles. His Garmin hung from the windshield with a blue cartoonish car showing him the way. Without it, he'd surely be lost, but even now, he still wasn't sure where he was.

As he drove, the flat, treeless road suddenly sprouted thick tree trunks that lined both sides. I don't remember any tree-lined road.

He hit the brakes when the road took a sudden left turn. Once it straightened, he gazed up at his Garmin. The little blue car continued going straight as if the turn didn't exist.

"What the f....?"

The trees were closer to the road now, and their low hanging branches became a leafy canopy. When the yellow center-line faded, his heart thumped harder.

"This isn't right!"

He pressed the brakes and pulled the car over to the soft curb, the crackling sound of gravel met his ears. He pressed the phone button on the steering wheel then said,

"Call 6-1-8-5-5-5-6-8-9-7"

As he waited for an answer, he scanned the darkness on either side while his headlights illuminated the immediate area up front...he felt abandoned. His eyes returned to the steering wheel. No one answered the call.

"How can I not have a signal? None of this makes any sense! I'm turning around."

His headlights flashed the trees until they landed on a shadowy figure in the road. Before he could utter a word, it lunged and crashed through his windshield devouring him!

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