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It was one of those eternal nights in Hell.
It was one of those eternal nights in Hell.
Lucifer sat in his throne, surrounded by his mistresses and hell hounds.
And he found himself feeling a strange feeling. Even tho he was surrounded by all the beauties and glories of Hell, Lucifer felt... Lonley.
He felt a hole in his heart, something was missing.
Lucifer rose from his throne, all eyes following his every move.
Lucifer stormed the halls of his castle, creatures in every shadow, following him with their eyes.
He entered his bedroom, which was full of beautiful women and handsome men.
Angrily he yelled at them to leave. They all ran outside, looking confused but Lucifer didn't care.
He felt depressed.
He laid down on his bed and pulled the covers up above his head.
Lucifer, the Devil himself, felt depressed. Just thinking about it made him even more depressed.
He didn't know how long he laid there. He didn't want to see anyone.
He didn't eat but he drank wine, a lot of it.
One night there was a knock on his door.
"Go away! Leave me!" he yelled.
But the doors opened.
"Didn't you hear what I said you little..."
Lucifer didn't finish his sentence.
At his door was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen.
She was tall, curvy and had glowing red hair, that danced around her with her every move.
"Excuse me your grace."
Her voice echoed on the walls of his empty room.
It sent shivers down Lucifer's spine. Her voice was so beautiful, it was not quite sopran but still not an alt.
He looked at her, mesmerized by her beauty.
"What is your name love?" Lucifer asked her.
"Esther, your grace." she answered.
"And how can I help you Esther?"
"God sent me." she said.
Lucifer's brows frowned. Of course he did.
"I see. Well then, then you can go and tell that old man to go and fuck himself.
I'm not in the mood for his games."
Esther didn't flinch when Lucifer yelled in her face.
"I'm afraid I cannot do that, your grace."
Lucifer was angry at his father for messing with his feelings like that.
"Oh really? What will happen if you do? Father will punish you? Well, trust me love, i'm a lot crueler and scarier than he will ever be.
"That's not the point." Esther said, looking Lucifer straight in the eyes.
"Then what the hell is it?!"
The demon wings on Lucifer's back opened and pointed at her, threat fully.
Esther opened her coat and took out an urn and handed it to Lucifer.
"What is this?" Lucifer asked her, he was really pissed and tired of this little game.
"Those are my Angel wings." she said.
Lucifer looked at her in shock.
"Your Angel wings?" Lucifer whispered.
"Yes." she whispered back.
"You're an Angel."
"Was, actually."
"Well, I didn't live a long life. But I was kind. So when I died, I went to Heaven. At first it was great. So beautiful, I can't even describe it.
Then I got bored and started to explore the halls of Heaven. I checked every room, I read every book and scroll I found. Then one day, I came upon a room with this strange glass ball.
I touched it and it showed me pictured. It showed me pictures of those who were left in my family. It comforted me.
Every day I went into that room. One day i was busted, by one of the arc Angels.
He brought me before the big man himself. He wanted to know why I kept watching the pictures, even tho it was forbidden.
I told him that I missed my family. that it gave my comfort to watch them.
He said that he understood how I felt. I thought I was going to get punished but he took me into that room and said he wanted to show me something.
He showed me you. He showed me how sad and lonley you were.
I want you to watch him for me for a while, he said. And I did.
I watched you in the present and in the past. I watched everything you've done. At first I was disgusted, how could someone do such horrible things. Then I started to understand everything. Why you did what you did.
I understood how the Bible got that all wrong. I watched you for a very long time.
And I started to fall in love with you.
One day God came back to me.
What do you think? he asked me.
I love him, I said.
Would you like to be with him? He asked. At first I was scared. What if you would hate me? Or I would never actually get to meet you. But I had to meet you, no matter what.
So God burned my wings and sent me here.
I had to sneak pass your guards. I was really scared but when I heard your voice, I was no longer scared. I just knew that this is where I am suppose to be, by your side. I'm just going to tell you right now, that even tho you hate me, I don't regret coming, even tho I can never go back to Heaven."
Lucifer was stunned by her story. He walked to her, holding her urn.
"Come with me." Lucifer said softly.
They walked together down many halls and stairs. Soon they entered a big hall.
On the wall hung great, big, white Angel wings.
"Those are..."
"My Angel wings." Lucifer finished her sentence.
"They were cut off when I fell. My demon wings grew by time."
Esther stared mesmerized at them.
Let's put your Angel wings right here."
Lucifer placed the urn on an alter that was placed under his Angel wings.
"Welcome to hell, mrs. Morningstar."
Lucifer grabbed Esther's hand and pulled her into his arms. She laughed.
"Thank you, mr. Morningstar."
They both smiled and kissed.
The void in their heart had been filled.

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