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by Sonny
Rated: E · Critique · Supernatural · #2189953
Poem about a journey thru madness

The Kingdom of Yr

dDavid Samons



with no thought for the Innocence

of a Dreamless Sleep

Deborah searches darkness

for things she cannot see

she knows that they are hidden

on the level of Four

somewhere in the Boundaries

in the Kingdom of Yr

there in the Secrets

that the Shadows never tell

deep in the Unknown

of an Imaginary Hell

no Present Past or Future

in the Middle of the World

a long forgotten passage

in the Kingdom of Yr

in the shattered silence

where the Shadows never speak

she says goodbye to Freedom

from within a Sleepless Dream

with Ignorance uncertain

for all she's searching for

she finds the Falling God

in the Kingdom of Yr

the Collection and the Censor

try to fix the broken Sun

with the Falling God to guide her

Destruction has begun

there between the Innocent

the Guilty and Unsure

Deborah finds Contentment

in the Kingdom of Yr

drowning in the Emptiness

the Truth is Dark and Cold

the simplest reflection

of her tortured Soul

but it offers No Distraction

the Truth is evermore

just a Memory

in the Kingdom of Yr

underneath Embittered skies

a Dweller on the Plain

searched thru the Destruction

as he Laughed and Danced and Sang

Hope the Little Maybe

had found a hidden Door

defended by the Shadows

in the Kingdom of Yr

an unexpected Punishment

growing in the dirt

a Blissful Confrontation

with a Flower of the Earth

the unspoken message

of all that was Before

a Secret still Forbidden

in the Kingdom of Yr

in the Canyon of Sorrow

the Dissembler takes a stand

while the Tides of the Sea

change the Moments of Sand

Hope the Little Maybe

holds the Open Door

to all things Forgotten

in the Kingdom of Yr

lost in the decision

of a Well Lighted Mind

the Punisher admits

he can only look Behind

while the Fractured Prophets say

Reality is torn

shining thru the broken Sun

in the Kingdom of Yr

the Man of Modern Symbols

displays an Earthly charm

a Fire Breathing Primitive

in Three Dimension Form

the Falling God and Living God

begin a Holy War

Sanity uncovered

in the Kingdom of Yr

the Collection and the Censor

a disembodied face

Conscious and Compassion

begin to take their place

Reality and Sanity

trying to Conform

to reach beyond the Shadows

in the Kingdom of Yr

yet Fear has shown Relentless

Utmost Serious Indeed

a Selective Inattention

a Fundamental Insanity

the Fire of the Primitives

is cold and never warm

a Lesson Unrelinquished

in the Kingdom of Yr

Bitterness and Anger

are accepted Graciously

when Two is Miscellaneous

and Solitude is certainty

so many Lost Souls

wash upon the shore

at the Sea of Despair

in the Kingdom of Yr

unyielding of the Guardian

can save a Helpless Soul

if Perseverance of Purge

and the Truth are shown

thru Magic Invocation

when Semblance is ignored

on the day of Rest

in the Kingdom of Yr

in Silent Desperation

when Deborah lost it all

there to give his Life

was the Living God

Astonished by Encouragement

never felt before

Deborah found the Truth

in the Kingdom of Yr

the Journey of Enlightenment

is a Never Ending Search

a Commitment to Intelligence

Wisdom giving Birth

Deborah found her Answers

thru a search for Something More

and looked beyond the Boundaries

in the Kingdom of Yr

where Ignorance and Selfishness

begin to fade away

' outside the doors of study

an angel awaits'

the Bitterness and Anger

is silenced Forevermore

by Hope the Little Maybe

in the Kingdom of Yr..."

based upon and inspired by the book

" I Never Promised You a Rose Garden " by Joanne Greenberg

for Deborah...and for me...

dDavid Samons

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