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A little History for Those Who Don't Know It. (For SugarCube's Weekly Random Contest)
You want history, I'll tell you ancient history. I'm an Eagles fan, and heckle me all you want, I'll wait a bit for the boos to die down. But actually, if you're good, come join us. Especially if you have a good throwing arm! If you aren't a football fan you may not know our reputation. You can actually just look up Philly Fans in the Urban Dictionary, and it'll tell how the country views us.

No one cheered Irvin's injury, they cheered a good play. Then they booed the antics of Deion Sanders. So forget that noise.

Are there some disturbed fans? Absolutely. Topping the list is the moron who intentionally puked on a little girl. Even supposedly aiming for her father, it's still no excuse. Hear me out, though. In every group of fans, someone goes too far. I know, I grew up in the notorious 700 Level of Veteran's Stadium. If you came up in rival gear, you got razzed. Dallas gear? You'd remove it or leave without it. We hate the Cowboys passionately, as does the team. Even the DA of Philly in 1989, bet the 700 Level no one could hit the field with a snowball! He lost. It was a bad bet, too, because Jimmy Johnson took one on the dome the year before. It didn't even mess up his hair.

It all started with snowballs... and Santa Clause. I mean, what kind of jerks would throw 'em at Saint Nick?! He was drunk. We were winning. By winning, we lost the #1 draft pick. That went to the Bills for... O.J. Simpson in 1968. Philadelphia fans might get a bad rap, but they are well informed. They knew the stakes. But people act as if were just yesterday, but really... we don't care.

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