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Some crazy stuff
The Deer war

“Gentleman, Today there has been a new threat. That threat is a deer. Not just one deer, every single deer in the whole wide world. And the people who are going to stop it is us.”

Agent squirrel says in a general voice to a bunch of squirrels and Jack.

“Chip chip,” the squirrels say.

Jack and the squirrel army turn to see a boy walking toward a deer trying to feed it.

“NOOOO! Don't do it.”

The boy gets really close to the deer and the deer start to eat the food but then it eats the boy's hand then the torso, then the head, then finally both the legs.

The squirrels line up and shoot the nut cannons at the dear. At first, the nuts do nothing but then one nut starts to be two nuts then three then four then five. Soon there are over 1,000 nuts piled up on the deer and then when one squirrel gets to close for comfort the deer explodes and nuts go everywhere. It also sends a huge blast of sonic rays to the other deer so they will go attack Jack and the squirrels. Soon Jack and the squirrels are surrounded by deer. Jack tries to think of a last resort and tells the squirrels to run inside of the abandoned zoo. The squirrels run as fast as they can into the zoo along with Jack. They all set positions around the zoo and close all the gates. Then the squirrels fire the nut cannons at the deers. But there are too many deers and soon they have the zoo surrounded. Then Jack and the squirrels are forced to retreat further into the zoo. They find the best possible height advantage and sit and wait for backup [More squirrels]. The deers break through the zoo gate and then search for the squirrels and Jack. But the squirrels and Jack are well hidden and are not found by the deers but instead are rescued by there back up. The squirrels all agree that it was a fascinating site all the nut tanks, nut canons, and even nut planes. And the squirrels won for now.

Chapter 2
Tea talk

“Jack come sit with me,” Agent Squirrel shouted.

“Alright what ya need,” Jack asked.

“You are one of our best agents,” Agent Squirrel stated.

“Okay,” Jack stated in a confused voice.

“Well, we need you for a very dangerous mission.”

“I'm down to go,” Jack exclaimed with so much excitement his head was about to explode.

“Ok… all I needed to know,” Agent squirrel says with a very sad voice.

“Why are you so sad,” Jack askes.

“None of your business Jack.”

Jack and Agent Squirrel set off on a death-defying mission to the DEER'S TERRITORY.

Chapter 3

Jack left the nut bus with Agent Squirrel on his shoulders and gazed upon the DEER'S TERRITORY.
It was the biggest thing Jack and Agent Squirrel have ever set their eyes upon. The writing on the walls stated Be aware humans or squirrels, we will eat you on sight. There was a tank deer blocking the door. So they were going to have to find another way in so they looked around and saw a very small crack something of a bird or squirrel could get through.

“Alright, your up” Agent Jack says.

Agent Squirrel slips through the hole with ease but makes a very loud noise that wakes the tank deer
Up. Jack slowly turns around to see the tank deer no more than two feet in front of his face. The tank deer picks up Jack and throws him into a wall about ten yards away making a huge dent in the metal wall. Jack slowly gets up and shakes his head and gets in his fighting stance but the Tank squirrel is so fast that by the time Jack gets in his fighting stance he gets greeted with a fist in his face. He gets blasted into the wall one last time and breaks through it. The other Deers surrounded Jack in a huge swarm. Then by no more than five minutes, he was tied to a stake hovering over a fire.

Chapter 4
How to be a squirrel STEP BY STEP

Meanwhile, Agent squirrel slips into the DEER BANK and grabs a piece of paper left by the squirrel gods. How the deers got is still unknown till this day. But without taking a glance at the paper Agent Squirrel tears it up and crawls out of the bank. Then he spots the fire roasting at the deer camp and goes to see what's up and finds Jack hovering over a fire. Then he goes to get his nut cannon but one of the tank deers spot him and then swings his ax at him. Agent Squirrel jumps on it and throws a rock at the tank deer's head while jumping on top of another tank deer's ax. And then punching one in his face. And then is greeted with a fist in his face and then he clashes against one of the metal walls making a tiny dent. Once Agent Squirrel gets up to live another day the tank deer throws his ax and hits agent squirrel in the neck chopping it off but by the time the tank deers look back, Jack had vanished.

Jack ran outside and yelled “Bus driver!!!!

“Yes, Jack.”

“Step on it.”


Chapter 5

“The tank deers are following us,” Jack states.

“Well then we got to lose them don't we,” the bus driver announces.

The Squirrel Bus takes a sharp left turn and causes one of the deer trucks to hit a huge rock, but the other one is still on their tail so The bus driver activates the super boost on The Squirrel Bus and goes so fast that nothing can catch up…. Except for a deer plane which is conveniently hovering above the bus. Jack is trying to grab onto something but before he can get his hands on something the bus takes a sudden jerk to the side causing the emergency window to open. And most of the squirrels go zipping out of the window. But Jack is too big to fit through the window and instead gets stuck in it. But when the bus takes a turn to the right Jack gets plopped into the bus isle again. But now the bus has kicked into autopilot and puts itself in camouflage mode which no one knew was there and hides from the plane.

Chapter 6

Bang! Something hit the squirrel bus.

“Hello,” a mysterious voice said from the back of the bus.

“We ain't takin hitchhikers,” the bus driver states in a rude tone.

“But what if that stranger was a deer prisoner looking for shelter,” the mysterious voice stated with a calm voice.

“List your species,” the bus driver states.


“That's nonsense the last humans died in the battle for England,” the bus driver announces.

“Well not me and certainly not old Jackyboy,”

The stranger came into view and was very much so a human.

“What's your name little fellow,” the bus driver askes.

“Ayden Holmes sir,” Ayden says.

Chapter 7
Not So Stranger Anymore

“Well look what the deer choked up,” one of the squirrels stated, “its Ayden Holmes the lieutenant from the battle of England.”

“Yep it's me, the one and only,” Ayden stated.

“Were home” the bus driver says “and with a new lieutenant, may I introduce Ayden Holmes.”

“Well look what the deer choked up,” one of the squirrels stated, “its Ayden Holmes the lieutenant from the battle of England.”

“Yep it's me, the one and only,” Ayden stated.

The squirrels huddled around Ayden like a swarm of bees causing Jack to fall down the junk shaft. Ayden kept on talking to the squirrels saying how he survived and how he tricked the deers into letting him go. But Ayden didn't know that his fedora fell down the junk shaft with Jack. And Jack tumbled and tumbled but when they hit the bottom there was a pile filled with junk. It was not a normal junk pile it was a huge junk pile like as big as your house. But luckily the fedora landed on Jack’s' head. Which you could say is unlucky because when the squirrels let Ayden go they installed a device that was a tracking device and allowed whoever was wearing it (or controlling it) to see through camouflage so that the deers would know where the squirrel base was.

Luckily Jack and the junk was getting transported so It would move to a scrap yard but the bad thing was Jack didn't know what I just told you so when the truck dumped the scraps they also dumped Jack out along with the fedora so now as long as he was wearing the fedora the deers would catch him.

Chapter 8

“Hey what are you doing in my junk? someone yells from behind the concession stand.

“I only talk to things that I can see,” Jack yells while turning around in circles.

“Well, you just yelled to me so that's the same as talking,” The mysterious voice shouts.

“Come on just tell me who you are,” Jack yells.

“I'm Junkrat and who are you,” He yells.

“I'm Jack, from the squirrel agency,” Jack states.

“No wonder there are deers pounding at the gate,” Junk Rat states, “come quick down the shaft back to the squirrel base.”

Jack goes down the shaft not to be greeted by squirrels but by a whole bunch of hungry rats. At first, Jack stumbles on a rotten banana peel but then the whole rat gang jumps him and starts to nibble on his squirrel hoodie. Jack bumps into one of the walls surrounding him knocking off some of the rats but then more rats jump him than before. He at first takes a metal bar off the ceiling and slams it against the gang of rats. Yet he finds it to be useless because every time he does this rats just climb up the bar, so he evidently drops the bar on the floor. Then he hears a bell and the rats jump off of him and go through a tiny crack in the wall. Jack flops to the floor because of his exhaustion. Then the lights turn on and he appears to be in a rusty old basement filled with useless junk, well lets layout what he had with him, he had a bar he pulled off of the ceiling just a moment ago, his hoodie which was practically just shreds at this point, and a chocolate bar.

Chapter 9

He eats the candy bar. His only food source, and now had a thirst in his mouth for water. So he looked around and found the bell that rung just moments ago and saved his life. He left it there and took another quick look around him. He saw from the very corner of his eye drops of water coming from the ceiling. He grabbed the metal bar and hit the ceiling with all of his might and made a couple more bars fall from it and a couple more drops. He sat down, looked up, and opened his mouth and waited for a couple of drops of water. He got some and he was satisfied so he crept into the only corner of the basement that didn't have nails coming through it. He sat there for a while and decided to hit the wall with the metal bar. He made a hole into the wall and looked out to see the squirrel base overrun with deer. And he saw Ayden and a couple more squirrels hovering over a fire.

Well at first he tried to get through the hole in the wall but it was too small so then he thought of the bell and it leading to the squirrel base. So he grabbed the metal bar and threw it at the bell. The bell and the metal bar crashed to the floor with a loud CLUNK! He then put one hand up to the hole where the bell was and hoisted himself up. It was way too dark and cramped, but it was his only option so he started to climb through it and surprisingly after about two minutes of crawling he was dumped out and greeted with four deer playing chess. He looked for his metal bar but he forgot it back in the creepy basement. So he had two options, one, he could just run into the table and hope for the best or two, scream for help. He took the first one and ran into the table. The table broke in half hitting all four deer square in the face and knocking them out. Now he had to get the deer's out of his home base so he carefully, without getting noticed, united Ayden and about four other squirrels.

“Jack, where were you, we were overrun,” Ayden states.

“Long story that we don't have time for,” Jack states.

“Well, what's the plan then? Ayden asks.

“You are going to stall,” Jack states.

“How long do I have to do it for,” Ayden aks.

“As long as it takes to get out of here,” Jack adds.

“Alright,” Ayden sighs.

“Ok the rest of you free the rest of the squirrels,” Jack shouts.

The deers look at Jack and his crew of bandits.

“Alright, that's your cue,” Jack states.

Jack and the four squirrels go and deal with freeing the rest of the squirrels.

Chapter 10

“Hey King deer, want to see a magic trick? Ayden asks.

“NO” King Deer states with a big groan.

“Well too bad,” Ayden states and throws a trash can lid at the kings head but the king grabs it and orders the deers to kill Ayden once and for all so that's what they try and do but they're not fast enough and Ayden grabs a trash can and skates down one of the railings. One of the tank deers grabbed the trash can lid that the king grabbed and skated down after him. The tank deer catches up to Ayden and pulls out his gun and shoots him in the chest. Then right before The tank deer can get another shot off Ayden falls off the railing and into the pit of despair. The tank deer laughs after claiming the first victim of its life but then he is shot in the head by a deer cannon pushing him off the edge. The squirrels were all free by the time Ayden was shot off the edge. The squirrels took back their base and pushed the deer's back from world domination. Ayden Holmes was remembered to the end of time in all of the squirrel's hearts (and Jack obviously).

The END until book two lol

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