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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Romance/Love · #2190031
Not my characters! Miraculous is owned by ZagToon and Thomas Astruc! Dont give me credit!!
Ladybug's POV

I knew how this would end. “Lucky Charm!” I watched as a scroll in Chinese fell out of the sky. I gasped, “Cat Noir!” He attempted to look at me but continued to fight the akumatized villain. A moment later he replied, “Yes, M’Lady!?” I hoped he wouldn’t get triggered like last time, “I’ll be right back, I promise!” Chat didn’t look as hurt as I thought he would. “Okay, but hurry!” I smiled and swung away to Master Fu’s. I ran in and yelled, “Master Fu!” He looked shocked, “Your okay!” He then went to the Miraculous box and opened it taking out the mouse Miraculous. He went over to Ladybug and put it in her hand. “A mouse Miraculous?” He looked concerned. “Yes, give it to Cat Noir and go home. Make an excuse, I need to lead him away.” I was now concerned. “W-What do you mean?” “Hurry!” Then he pushed me out of the room. I sighed and swung away on my yo-yo.

As soon as I got the the scene I ran over to Chat. “Cat Noir! Take this to someone you trus-!” I then was hit by something that I had to fake my unconsciousness. Chat gasped and took the Miraculous and ran. As soon as Ladybug saw where he was going she immediately got up and ran home. As she was running she was mumbling to herself, “He’s going my house isn’t he?! OMG! HE IS!!!” She was able to get to her house before he could, Thanks to her yo-yo.

She sat down and turned on her computer, pulling up the recorded fight watching. Then she heard something taping on the window, she went over to it and opened it to see Chat. “Chat?” He smirked. “Shouldn’t you be fighting the villain?! “ I practically screeched. “Well I need some assistance, Princess.” He then got on one knee, and kissed my hand. “Princess, will you help me fight, as a superhero?” I knew I had to look enthusiastic, so I said, “No way! YES!” I said after gasping, then giggling. He gave me the Miraculous, and I opened it and watched as the kwami flew out.”Hi, my name’s Mullo! Just say the words ‘Mullo, Transform me!’ To transform!” I smiled and looked at the kwami before Chat said, “Go on, Princess.” So I transformed and we started to leave. As we were jumping across buildings Chat got a message. “Oh, well Ladybug’s down so that makes since.” He said to himself. “What’s wrong?” I asked. He looked at me and smiled, “Were going to have to make a quick pit stop. You got any friends, that would settle for the snake Miraculous?” I gasped and almost screamed yes. I kinda wanted to see if I could make Chat jealous, so I was thinking of Luka.

We stopped by Master Fu’s and got the Miraculous,we started heading to Luka’s with me leading. “Where we going?” I smirked. “Somewhere!” I then had him wait outside as I went to go give the Miraculous to Luka. Luka gladly excepted. “Hey” he said to Chat, in my opinion looking a little jealous. And so did Chat, when he say I gave it to a boy. If I’m being honest, I didn’t want Chat flirting with a different girl.

“So, we ready to do this?” I asked, seeing the tension between them. “Yeah” Said Chat as he grabbed my hand. I was a little triggered, to be honest. But I decided to allow it since he was probably just trying to say something to Luka mentally. Luka then got really close to me pushing Chat out of the way and said, “Well remember that snakes are predators of mice, so you better watch out.” Luka said to me, flirting. “Uh... I-I…” Chat then got in between us and said, “Yeah, well guess what. So are cats” And he turned around and kissed me. I jumped and squeaked. (Ironic as it is) “Chat!” He then realized what he did and frowned. “Can we talk, princess? Privately.” He asked me desperately. I told him sure and we went behind a wall. “I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to kiss you it’s just…… he gets me angry. And I don’t know why. I hate seeing him flirt with yo-” I interrupted him, “Your jealous, my Kitty.” And he looked at me with meaning. “I guess I am.” He kept getting closer and closer, then we heard Luka yell, “You guys gonna help me?!” We had no idea that the villain had found us and Luka was already fighting. We ran from behind the wall, and I said, “Yeah! Let’s do this.” As Chat and I smirked at each other.

After the fight Chat took Luka's Miraculous back, happily. "Your such a dork" I said as I de-transformed. He smirked and said "but I'm your dork." This was normal. I bit my lip as I looked around my room. "Please don't do that" I heard him say. "Do what?" He grabbed my hand and traced something. I could tell it was Chinese. "我想我爱你" He whispered. "What does that mean?" I asked in a whisper. "I think I love you..."
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