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by Mel
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College is different for everyone, here is a piece on how I see it.
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Melissa Herrera
Professor Wells
Eng 102
18 March 2019
College Is A Fun Hell

Proposal: Everyone mentions that college is the "time of your life". Write a humorous essay arguing how college is "stress-free". Side note: college actually sucks.
You have graduated high school, now you are off to college. You must be thinking, "Oh my God, this is going to be the time of my life!" Guess what. You thought wrong. I have heard it all before, I was there once. I remember listening to all of my college friends tell me "You are going to love college" "It is so easy" "You are going to have a blast" Almost a whole year into college and it has destroyed me. However, yes college is "stress-free" in another world maybe.
Why have you heard people say college is "stress-free" then? Let me tell you why. There are a variety of people that love to go out and do stupid activties. In other words, party. In this generation there's no such thing as "drink until you are 21." Everyone has experienced it and if you haven't then well props to you. Many people drink for a variety of reasons. I believe that college students mostly drink to have fun or live that "stress-free" college life. See, college sucks. It sucks very bad. Why? High school doesn't really prepare you for college, at least it didn't for me. I learned everything the hard way. First semester of freshman year in college will kick your ass literally and figuratively too. You have no idea what you are doing. Back to what I was saying about drinking. Living on campus I have seen it all: drunk college students. If you pay attention to them they are so much fun to watch. Drinking is one way to make college be that "stress-free" environment. Why worry about the exam you have this friday when you can drink a whole bottle of Smirnoff Vodka, am I right ladies and gentleman?
Don't get me wrong yes drinking is all fun and what not, but that is just going to cause you more stress. Now college consists of sleepless nights for the most part. We have all had to stay up on some nights in order to study and catch up on homework. When you fall asleep there are a variety of days when we just want to keep on hitting that snooze button on our alarms. Maybe skip some classes? After all you do have around four absences for that class right? It is okay you can just sleep in and relax. Yes I bet you are thinking, "Well fuck, that sounds exactly like me!" Yes! Been there and done that. Sleeping in or skipping some classes for some "me" time has definitely helped me, for the most part hahaha. However, it makes everything worse at the same time too. If you don't show up to your classes and you decide to skip them because maybe they "aren't important right now" then good luck. I can say this from experience you will get behind, more than you are now. You definitely deserve that you time, maybe just wait until the end of the weekend to enjoy all of your hard work. You deserve it. You are reading this and probably thinking "Yes, college has done all of the above to me." Don't worry we have all been there at least once.
"I am going to dropout". You have no idea how many times I have said this phrase this year. It is only half way through second semester of freshman year and I want to dropout (it is a joke). College is not easy and as a matter of fact it will never get any easier. There are many times where you will find yourself curled up in the fetal position. Gentlemen, you will be doing the same thing too just watch. There are endless nights that are filled with homework and essays (like this one) and studying that will make you more stressed than you have ever been before. Nonetheless, you will be okay and you can do it. College is a time where many people will live through new experiences. You will enjoy and hate college, but make the most of it. I am not saying waste your years and go out to party either.
Yes there are definitely several ways to make college suck a little less but overall it will suck. You have to prepare yourself for those obstacles and push through. College is not at all stress-free but it won't always be that way either.

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