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History of HGH (Human Growth Hormones)

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lcloud10 (favorite writer)

History of Human Growth Hormones:

The history of HGH came about because researchers had discovered a Human Growth Hormone deficiency condition right after WWI (World War One) ended. Of course with the deficiency diagnosed, people began to wonder about the treatment. In other words, what method of treatment would be needed.

Doctors or Medical researchers thought they would be able to discover a method of treatment for HGH by testing growth hormones from different animals. This type of research didn't work out. The different growth hormones from the animals were ineffective on humans.

Maurice Raben, a endocrinologist at the Tuft University, started to extract human growth hormones from the pituitary gland of cadavers. The procedure ended up being a successful venture. The growth hormones were collected from various cadavers, were purified and then studied more and more throughout the medical field.

1. HGH, What Is It?

HGH, also known as somatotopin or somotropen. Human growth hormones are peptide hormones that help restores growth and helps cells to regenerate and to reproduce.

2. How Is It Produced?

It is a protein that is produced by the pituitary gland. This gland is small like a pea and is located just below the brain.

3. Why Do People Take It?

Human Growth Hormone was approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for uses in children and adults. HGH use for children is administered by injection, treating of an unknown cause of shortness, poor growth that could be due to a number of medical reasons.

Common uses of human growth hormones that are not approved by the FDA are: People may use HGH along with other drugs that will enhance performance. This other drug could be anabolic steroids. They might use this as a way to try and build muscle which could improve athletic performance.

4. What Forms Can It Be Taken In?

HGH can come in pills or injections. Pill form is said to be very powerful. This form of ingesting helps boost the immune system, helps with growth and the development of body tissues.

5. Concerns About Ingesting HGH:

People may be concerned about the safety of taking human growth hormones. When taking or administering the hormone, it is believed that the human growth hormone pill is safer than the injection.

Added Information:

To go a step further from paragraph 3.

Poor growth that is caused by a number of medical causes can include:

Turners Syndrome: This is a genetic disorder it affects a girls development.

Prader-Will syndrome: This is an uncommon genetic disorder-causing poor muscle tone, feeling hungry all of the time.

Chronic Kidney insufficiency: Growth hormones have been used for treating children who have impaired growth and who have ). Doctors have been using this method of treatment for almost 17 years. It has been shown by studies that growth hormones are highly effective by improving growth acceleration and adult height.

This type of treatment is considered a very safe way to improve growth and height (final) of a short child of Chronic Kidney Disease/insufficiency.

Treatment success has a high rate of success . Success also depends on whether the kidney continues to function to full height.

Children that are born small for the gestational age.

These medical conditions are the best reason to look HGH treatment as these are things that you would use hgh to treat children with.

For Adults uses of human growth hormone treatment include:

Short bowl syndrome-this is when the nutrients are not being properly absorbed.

HGH defiency because of a rare pituitary tumors or the treatment for the definecy that they are currently using.

Muscle-wasting disease that is associated with HIV/Aids.

As with any type of medical usage of any drugs people need to make sure that they have done their research. Ask questions, such as the ones in this article.

Is HGH a safe form of treatment for the child that has a medical condition? HGH treatment may be the way to go, according to every article that is written yes, it is a safe way to treat that child.

What it boils down to is that HGH treatments are used to help a child to help develop their muscle tissues and to enable the growth to the finial growth.

Of course there are those who will use a anabolic to enhance performance, again stating that the FDA does not approve this type of "building up your muscle tone."

There are those who believe that HGH may create the "fountain of youth". to this it said that no it will not. (Sorry folks)

To recap about the safety of taking HGH, they are perfectly safe to use, but again stressing the fact that they are meant to help with the growth of the body, can they help you build up your muscles, yes but it is not a steroid.

The researchers from the birth of HGH have been finding more uses for treatment, is this a miracle treatment? Some may see and feel that it is especially if the treatment shows improvement for your child's growth. You see that your child is growing like they should and perhaps they are even becoming healthier because they feel good about themselves.

How about the adult who feels like they are hungry constantly and are eating and all it will take is a talk to there Doctor, asking all the right questions about HGH treatment.

So ticking off the best reasons to speak to your doctor, better health, perhaps making your child's life amazingly better because you did your homework about HGH. It is a safe way to treat growth.

From the time the idea was conceived that growth hormones from different animals to extracting growth hormones from cadavers, it has come a very long way in what usage of growth hormones can do.

It is thanks to Maurice Raben from Tuft University extracting and purifying the HGH from the different cadavers and working so diligently that our children, our adults can have great benefits of his work.

Remember, take notes and ask questions about this method of treatment. Do your research, have your tablet and pen handy so that you can write down pertinent questions regarding HGH treatment.

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