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Rated: 13+ · Novel · Romance/Love · #2190152
When Nichole meets her mate she gets rejected With rejection weighing on her she runs away
Chapter 1
"Nichole, wake up right this instant and make us breakfast. Or it will be another night in the cells for you," called out my mother. COnfused, well I guess I should explain it to you. Three years ago, my father passed away and he was my only saving grace in this place. But without him, my mother, both of my siblings, and the entire pack use me as their slave. Just because I'm the middle child and I was Dad's favorite because my mom favored my brothers. Yeah, you heard me, brothers, meaning I'm supposed to be treated like a princess but nope, Mom didn't want girls. That hatred for me rubbed off on my brothers, the people that were supposed to be my protectors, and now they hate me.
"Yeah, little bitch. Hurry your ass downstairs and make me my damn breakfast," ahh that would be my lovely brother, Chaz. As soon as I walk into the kitche, somone pounces on me and I instantly know that it isn't any of my family members because the only time they touch me is when they are beating me. When I shove the person off of me, I find it to be none other than my secret best friend, Liberty. The only reason she doesn't treat me like the rest of the pack is because the is Patheos, meaning she doesn't like violence. "Where is my breakfast? You little bitch," calls my oh so wonderful little brother, Tad. "It will be right out Do you want eggs and bacon or pancakes and sausage?" I ask timidly. After a couple of seconds, he answers, "little bitch you know what I want." I start getting things out for pancakes and bacon then Liberty cries out, "stop you shouldn't have to be working on your 16th birthday. This is the day that you meet your wolf and mate. Why are you still letting them push you around?"
"What else can I do, Liberty? Leave. You know I can't do that. You Know how it turned out last time."
"Nichole Grace, if you don't bring me my breakfast soon I swear to the Moon Goddess you will regret it."
I smile sadly at Liberty and leave the kitchen with all of their plates/ Pray to the Moon Goddess that I had brought them their food fast enough even though I already know I didn't.
When I had given them their food, Chaz and Tad both stood up and took me down to the cellarto a cell that was far from the door so that Chaz's mate won't hear what they are doing to me. Once down in the cell, they both start to argue on who was going first like always. In the end, Chaz won by saying that he had a mate that he had to get back to as soon as possible.
At first, when this all started about 2 adn 1/2 years ago, I thought they were just taking me down there to stop mom from torturing me any more than she already was but after 5 minutes I realized that's not why they were bringing me down there. It's just too hard to remember. After the 1st year, I've learned to block it all out and to bring it up would be just too hard.
When I get to school, a whole new mess starts. Since my dad was our ex-alpha's brother, everyone thought that my entire family was going to try to take ouver the pack. Thus, with me being the black sheep of the family, everyone thought that I was going to do something to them and in their heads, they thought that abusing and bulling me would make me not want to do anything to them. So my only escape from this madness is going to be when I shift and meet my mate.
At school
As soon as I walk into the school, something wet and slimy dumps all over me. Then everyone starts laughing at me but all I can do is calmly walk to the bathrooms after a quick stop at my locker for a change of clothes. Once in the bathroom and after checking to see if anyone else is in there, I just start crying. Suddenly, someone wraps their arms around me and asked "are you okay?" Too shocked to say anything, I just sat there.
After 20 minutes of her holdingme and me just crying, I get up and say, "I'm okay. Why did you help me?"
"Well, you looked like you needed help," she replied. I ran out of the bathroom, not used to people being nice to me, as soon as I was out of the bathroom, I ran smake dab into a wall. Then the wall started yelling, "Get the hell out of my way loser." Then a voice started yelling Mate!!! Mate!!! Mate!!! "Meet me out at the back of the school at 5:00 pm," my mate whispered in my ear.
At 4:50
As soon as I see him, my heart starts beating a little faster. He walks up to me and says, "I, Alpha Ace Johnston, reject you, Nichole Grace King." As soon as he says that, my heart breaks in two.
Chapter 2
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