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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fantasy · #2190178
A story I am writing on wattpad about this guy and the curse he has to live with.
First chapter/Intro - "Pointlessness"

Looking at the clear sky, the guy who lives forever was so ready to die.

He could give every penny in his bloody fortune just to have an antidote to this... Thing.

Nothing could solve it.

He tried starving himself, but at some point he stopped feeling hunger.

He tried asfixiating himself, but at some point breathing was just pointless.

Drowning, burning, diseases, thirst, blades, shots, jumping from the highest building in the town (this one almost got him discovered, but after 80 years people tend to forget irrelevant stuff like that).

His whole life was pointless after that.

116 years of pointlessness.

Fuck if that's not an actual word.

He didn't look old, au contraire, he looked like a very weird young boy. He was still thin, couldn't build a muscle.

He had changed his name so many times, and couldn't spend that much time in one place.

He had one or two people he trusted to keep his secret, but they died too, like everybody else did.

He was fucking alone in this world, in a body that would look like a teenager forever, having to go to school because he couldn't afford to get the spotlights on himself. Being apart from others only make you look weird, time taught him that.

He got into the lonely house and dressed his uniform for the first day of what felt like the 100th school he's ever been to.

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