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Somtimes we feel a bit lost
Bully is that kind of sh*tty feeling we feel everyday.Bullied is the damn way others make us feel. Every single day we are bullied,we are sad,we are scared,we are frightened.we stay alone in darkness.We may hurt ourselves because of this.Somtimes we want to die and no one f*cking care.We cut our hands.We cry in silent.We feel lonely in this world.We can’t talk with our parents.No adult can understand us.We can not cure ourselves.We cry for help every night and everyday we just put a fake smile and we pretend that we are damn okay.Honestly we are not damn okay.We need to talk,we need a shoulder to cry.Isn't it that hard to have a friend a person who we can trust and talk to them?God helps us!*Cry*
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