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by mike
Rated: 18+ · Chapter · Action/Adventure · #2190260
this is a story about me and some of this is real but most is not.
(WARNING MAY CONTAIN STRONG LANGUAGE) so i am a werewolf and my name is Mike (we have wolf ears and a tail showing at all times) and my best friend Jackson is a human. we are both collage students. and there will be some other people along the way.

CHAPTER 1: the start

I was hanging around with Jackson at a dinner. It was in the afternoon. I left and paid with Jackson. He was telling me about how he found a motorcycle and wanted see if I can help fix it up. "ok what does it look like" I asked. Jackson shows you a pic on his phone of it. (link for pic https://i.pinimg.com/736x/90/a0/bf/90a0bf1f40c3fc4d4b14baab331a9d69.jpg copy and past it) "that is a good one but we could probably fix it up" I said. "I think it can be really useful" Jackson said. I heard a car come around the corner "hide" I said pulling Jackson into a ally way. I pulled my hood up to hide my ears and tucked my tail in. "whats going on" Jackson asked. "hunters" I said.

We waited for the car to pass bye. "how did you know" Jackson said. "dude I can smell thing from like three miles away I'm a werewolf" I said as I was pulling my hood off and untucking my tail. "oh right" He said. "how do you keep forgetting" I said. "any way we need to get to class see you later" He said.

Later before werewolf class...

"hey Mike" said a classmate. "hey Reed" I said entering the classroom. Than the bell rang and class started. We where learning about werewolf hunters and how they are always hunting down the Ultima. In my head i said why do i have to be the Ultima, why me.

Later after class...

I noticed there was a new student so i went to say hi "hey, you new here" I asked. "yeah and how bout you leave me alone before I snap your neck" he said. I could just tell by the look on his face he was trouble. I growled at him and walked away. "Mike what is the problem" Reed asked. "Him" I said pointing at the new student. I knew a fight was about to happen and I was about to get involved. Then he hit Reed. I ran in and punched him back. "that's my brother you idiot" I yelled. everyone else was surprised what is going on. "wow the new guy is fighting Mike already, that's like a death wish" a student said. Then is got bad. after some time the teacher came in and stopped the fight. The new guy had a bloody nose and some cuts. "holy shit" he said whipping the blood off of his face. I walked out of the room.

Later at a park...

"why... why me" I said. "Mike are you ok" asked Reed. I turned my head to see him running over to me.

"yeah its just..."
"Mike whats wrong"
"I was think why did I have to be the ultima"
"don't think like that Mike"
"just why though... I'm being chased by hunters like all the time"
"hey sometimes we all are"
"yeah but just why..."

We took a walk down the road when I heard a van come speeding around the corner. "GET DOWN" I yelled. I grabbed Reed and I threw him out of the way. It was to late for me... The van came crashing into me knocking me out. Two men got out of the van. "we got him" said the driver.

CHAPTER 2: The hunters capture

I woke up in a small room. It took me a while for my eyes to adjust but than I noticed that there was a chain attached to my foot and the wall. I tried to stand up and walk around but the chain was so short that I could only move 3 feet from the end in the wall, causing me to trip. Someone was watching me. "get up ultima" he said. I realized that they were hunters. "let me out" I yelled. They opened the door and pushed two people in. I noticed one of them. "r- Reed" I asked. He didn't answer. The other one was being chained to the wall just like me. I noticed that he was the guy I fought today. "what are you doing here" I asked. He didn't talk to me.


"Mike, was it" he said. "yeah, and what are you doing here" I asked. "same as you your not the only ultima" he said. I was surprised by what he said.

"your an ultima to?'
"wait then that means... your my cousin"
"I guess so"
"how are you not surprised by this"
"I heard about you before then I knew"

I was still surprised by this.

"Isaac" he said
"Isaac that's my name"


Reed wakes up.

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