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Revised version - Character Names, Places & Terminology of The Dragon Legacy
For Books One & Two - Dragon's Heart and Dragon Queen

World of The Dragon Legacy

World - Althya - Al-fee-a

Ladlain – Lad-la-in E - land bound - home of princess Emeldra – Castle Talmon centre - fertile country consists of towns & villages some mountainous regions - bordering Paen desert & Tulata

Deryl – Der-il diverse seafaring nation with large seaport in Deryl - Ruler - King Oswin Amard W

Paen Desert – Pay-on - desert home to Paenalir – Pay-on-al-lir - clans tribal people furthermost E

Tulata – Tul ata Northern nation NE

Iceborn - polar region

Isle of Storms (where the battle of the dragons took place) NW

Cyomatro - Cyom-atro NW consists of three joined countries - large westerly seaport - sail to Deryl or Tulata ruled by Empress

Amada – A-ma-da SE - diverse continent divided in two by large river- the estuary flows to the sea - governed by Adion- Ad-ion male-dominated class system

King Damon Faldarin – Fail- dar-in - Ruler/former of Ladlian

Princess/Queen Emeldra – E-meld-ra Faldarin

Matra – Mat-ra Fangdragor/shapeshifter

Sir Halwain - Knight Captain – Hal-wane

Marcus Lanton – Sorcerer for castle Talmon

Jason Kith – Knight of Ladlian (former)

Jilena – Jil-ena - Paenlir woman

Kiame – Ki-ame Jilena’s little girl

Gerta – castle Talmon's head cook

Senion Larsel - maid and confidant to Emeldra

King Oswin Amard – Ruler Deryl

Zacharia Doogan – Master spy for Ladlain’s - half Paenlir

Cara Beldragor - home Tulata - Matra’s mother/shapeshifter

Soltin - bronze dragon

Empress of Cyomatro - Vella Maya

Natam Raemalis – First Advisor to Empress of Cyomatro

Casandra Maya – daughter-heir to the throne of Cyomatro

High Commissioner Koan – defacto leader of a warring faction of Tulata

Jemito Costone– Jem-ito - Native tribesman and Leader of native Tulatan’s

General Estan Sandar – Defacto leader of the opposing faction of Tulata

Vince Gan – captain under general Sandar

Var Firedragor – red dragon (Var as in far but with a v)

Hedra – He-dra - Amadon maiden- from Amada

Amadon Maidens fierce warrior women from Amada

Major Liskin – Major in the Cyomatron army


most queen dragons are gold

All queens are named Bel (meaning queen in dragon language except for the rare green queen)

Dragons have a code of etiquette when communing with other dragons or humans – recipient dragon must be hailed – by name of dragon type, e.g., Eartdragor and given permission to speak by receiving dragon - humans hailed by surname usually (considered bad manners to commune without permission otherwise) Dragons can live for several centuries maximum

Dragon hierarchy – Blue, red, bronze, & green queens are the highest ranking - then the males - blues, reds, bronze, greens, the mixed colours are lowest ranking - including the mixed colour queens & rare green queen

Dragon King – an ancient blue dragon of legend (once a human sorcerer)

Dragon Circle – made up of 6 to 8 elder queens – meet to debate events concerning dragon kind and even human events - debate can last
days or weeks - equivalent to a council of humans

Beldragor – queen dragon larger than male dragons – all female dragons are queens

Fangdragor – fang - blue -queens are gold - most common dragon

Firedragor – fire - red – queens are gold (was second numerous now few remain)

Eartdragor – Eart - bronze 2nd most frequent dragon - queens are gold

Emerdragor – Emer- green 3rd numerous – queens are mostly gold with a rare exception of a green queen

Sheldragor – unique green queen Shel meaning different not normal and can be used as a belittling term in dragon language - smaller in size

Shadragor –Sha - mixed colour – (queens are mixed colour also) and smallest of the queens


Simulacrum – a look-a-like simulate of man or woman (needing human hair/bone & skin to make) can be created as an empty shell or as in Var Firedragor a taken body to contain himself in human form

The Void – A means of fast travel - travel the void to teleport over long distances – creates a hole in the fabric of the world & time - from one place to another known point - a thread of magic connects the two points (only dragons can utilise the void)

Tyna - Ti-na - A tea-like drink favoured by most peoples of Althya - grown mainly in the eastern province of Cyomatro

Soul focus - A projection of the spirit of a person or dragon formed by magic - Orb of glowing light, insubstantial which can be sent over long distances - Can be spoken through and even in some cases actions can be taken through

Soul Foci – Plural of soul focus

Heartstone - A smooth small round and roughly heart shaped stone. Has magic properties that can enhance spellcasting abilities - absorb spells - making it possible to hold one or two spells within the stone - Once worn by the holder the magic is keyed defensively to the wearer. If the wearer removes the stone while the magic is still active may cause the magic to work against the wearer.

Shapeshifting in the world of the dragon legacy

Simply put two beings joined as one - when a dragon is merged mind and body magically with a human host into spirit form and vice-versa:-

Only dragons can shapeshift into human form – only same-sex transformations possible – to be successful both dragon and human must be willing

The process is instigated by the dragon – when shapeshifting is successful the first time - the process ages the human a few years this can vary - thereafter, over time slows the ageing of the human and grants human use of magic ability. Once shapeshifting is successfully completed for the first time only one of them can be present at the same time? There is no other side effects - carries some risk one, or both could die if not successful. This is especially so if the human is unwilling, then the human may become an empty shell for the dragon - a simulacrum

(Only Matra Fangdragor, Cara Beldragor and the Dragon King can completely transform into human form in book one)
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