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Writers block or something else ?
All of my friends says that I am book worm who feeds on papers and upon their words .
They rather bully me that I have a natural knack for writings . And if do not write , I will be doing a great loss of natural knack .
It is true ? Sometimes I ask myself in a lonely time . Can i write better than my other fellows ?
Can i have a natural tendency for writings ?
May be I have . But why I am so slow and dull in my writing schedule ? Why I feel that I can not write better than my other fellow , let alone great professional writers ?
My friends say that this is laziness and slackness which stands in my writing timetable . Perhaps it is the main reason .
Sometimes words are so elusive that one can not follow them , let alone to grip them . One has many ideas that are so mixed and confused like a woolen skein that more you try to untangle them the more they become tangled and complicated .
Is this problem only limited to me or is it common to all writers ?
My friends snubs me that I am a man who assume the aura of learning and so is the for my laziness .
But am I am learned man ? A learned man who has read just a few pages !!!
This blocking of words sometimes become a block of cement for me .
Upon which I strike my head to break this block but which refuse to be broken by it . A cement block can break your head which you could see but writer block can neither break your head not it can do anything else but it can make you dumb .
Worse than a brute , indeed !!!
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