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Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Folklore · #2190522
character poem of Mordred of Camelot.
As I lie here, the sword in my heart,
The sword I coveted so much,
I see every memory, malicious
Or benign. Every action that made me
I can see it, my origins.
Even I knew that I
Wasn’t born out of love.
It was lust, pure bestial passion.
My father captivated
By the soft curves of my mother.
The main event of the feast.
I came into existence
My childhood I see the stick I swung
The sword I would swing
At all enemies of the kingdom.
I read tales of the king, riding into battle,
Finding the love of his life, winning
The honor and loyalty of his friends.
What a king he is.
I am then told of my destiny.
I have to destroy my idol.
Claim his throne.
The round table’s respect to earn.
I grow to be a man.
Men to revere such
A prodigy.
But it was destined, his reign
Will end and mine shall begin.
His work will be fulfilled
Peace will come to the land.
Fate must be defied.
I became a knight of the realm
My skill was unmatched.
He has no heir
I’ll make him notice me.
He shall name me heir
I’ll fulfill my destiny
Malicious or benign
Morgan Le Fey
Is my mother
I am the son
Of King Arthur
I am Sir Mordred of Camelot.
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