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Trying to explain the unexplainable to a friend that won't listen to a word you don't say.

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Hells Bells

Oh, good. Charles Michael Toms…here you are. Damn. Not a bad spot, Charlie. This place suites you. It’s quiet. Yeah. Quiet like you, Charlie. Bet you like it here. I brought you a book.

You mind if I sit down? I said, do you fucking mind if I sit down? Charlie…?
Yes? No?
Silent Charlie. You’re a mean bastard, you know that?

Typical Charlie.
I’m going to sit down right here on the lovely lawn and I’m going to tell you some—

Charlie, Charlie… fucking stop with the bullshit! Are you going to let me talk? I want to tell you something. Come on, man, do this for me! As a matter of fact, do this for the both of us! Hells bells—do it for all of us!

Hells bells… You ever hear me say “Hells bells” before?

Fine. Stay mad… But you’re wrong. We never wanted to hurt you! You got to know th—

Oh. I see.

I think you made your point there, kid. Yeah, if nothing else, you did do that. Loud. Silent. I don’t know what it was but it didn’t go unheard, I’ll tell you that! The last word was all yours. You, handsome Chuck, with your quiet ways. Your quiet reserve. Your sad eyes and your sad smile, and your…whatever. I didn’t come here to fight. I came here to...

You never made a mistake, huh, pal? Oh, no! Not you! Not Charlie fucking Toms! Now, look, man, I want to say something and I want you to try to hear it. Can you do that?

Yes? No?

Charlie, you can play this game if you want to, I came here to tell you, to ask you, to let you know—we want to get married. Okay?

Really, man? Are you serious? You doing this, Charley? Got an In with the Big Guy now, do you?

Fine. I’m going to sit here in the rain. Wow! You got it really going on now, and that’s just...perfect. I came here to tell you some things. She loved you and I loved you and you with you darkness and your mood swings and your suspicion! How the hell can you blame us? Testing us, all the time, testing. I want to make her happy, Charlie. Do you understand that? I want you to let us off the hook. I want you to—

Christ! You trying to drown me? Dude! This is impressive!

Fuck you, you big baby! You asshole. You made sure she’d have that picture of you in her head for all her life, didn’t you? Didn’t you? Opens the front door and there you are like a great tragic pinata.
Fuck you.

Okay? I’m sorry… There. I said it. I came here to say it. Your book's getting wet… I gotta go. I’m going now. This was a waste of time. I’m going to go…

Charlie? There you are! Charlie! There you are. That is really pretty, my man. Honestly. And I will. You better believe it. You know I will… Charlie, I fucking will, I swear to you, and thanks, man. And I’m glad we spoke. This book is for you. Your favorite. Thought you might want to spend some more time with Holden.

Well, okay...You’re a good friend, Charlie. I’m going to go. And, Charlie, best rainbow ever!

--570 Words--
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