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This poem has been written in response to the prompt, "Come as You Are" by David Crowder.
"Oh, Lord, I don't know how to live," moans the weary heart.
"I get in trouble for the bad I do,
"and amazingly, I get in trouble too often for my good intentions, that are thought of as being bad.
"How do I live? How do I hope? Where are You, Lord?"

"I'm right here, my Son. Just stop. Breathe. Live,"
The Savior gives His tenderest touch to the person, whose flame is nearly quenched.

"You've given me so many talents. I feel responsible for every one of them.
"Please, give me the strength to live and to serve You," the weary heart cries.

"The craftsman wears His dearest gloves to make the greatest house.
"I make the gloves and I wear the gloves I've made. I hold the tools so tightly.
"I make the house with gloved hands and flying tools.
"The gloves each rest. Each tool is skilled. All are built by my own strength,"
The Savior holds and guides his dearest child in love.

"I'm taught to be responsible. I'm taught the perfect way to live. I'm weary of this teaching way.
"My hope's a dusty breath," the weary child with weary heart collapses into a lump.

"Lay down your burdens. Come as you are." The Savior comforts with His voice.
"I save the ones, who slightly turn because they're frozen stiff in doubting's fear and confusion's maelstrom."

"I don't know if I've believed properly," the frightened weary heart bellows.

"Perfection's not required. Just come as you are," the Lover tenderly smiles.

"I don't know how! I don't want to be forever lost! I can't do it! I give up!" The hopeless heart is now prostrate.

"You just did. You came as you were," the Father holds his child.
"You needed forgiveness. That is now done. You needed lasting friendship. You have that in me, dear Son.
"Your work is now known by my unfailing strength. You rest and you serve for you've come to me."

Word Count: 329
Line Count: 23
Verse Used: Philippians 2:13
Prompt: The song, "Come as You Are" by David Crowder

by Jay O'Toole
on May 9th, 2019

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