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Chapter 1 of my unfinished story.
Chapter One
I had stould in the foyer for two hours before the doctor would see me. I had come here almost every day since the beginning of summer. Every morning I would wake with a jolt after seeing a demon sitting on the edge of my bed. I swore upon my own life I was telling the truth. When the doctor finally came to get me, I wondered about what my mother had been like. She died a few minutes after I was born. Father worked in a morgue where most every person he saw was young. But he never told me how they died. I am ten years old and my name is Eliza Petters.

I then went into the doctor’s office. There was a new man inside, he wore a white coat so I assumed he was a doctor. “This is Dr. Schmidt. He has a place for you to go.” I did not say anything. But looked at Dr. Schmidt. And nodded yes. Although I had no idea what he meant by “a place for you to go”. I thought I would be going to another office. Boy was I wrong.

The doctors took me to a car and told me not to worry, which only made me worry more. But I wasn’t about to ask where we were going. I was wearing a backpack with pop tarts and some candy. I was wearing a pink shirt and a pair of blue jean shorts that reached my knees. We pulled up to an old white building. It was run down and scary-looking. The new doctor told me to give him my backpack, he said I wouldn’t need it there. He went to unlock the door and I took my stuff out and hid it in my pockets. I walked to the door and handed him my empty bag. He pulled me inside, where there were other children, looking fearful. I had no idea where I was.

I went up to a girl who looked to be about my age. “Hello… I am Zophie.” she said. “Hi, my name is Eliza Petters. Where are we?” I asked her. She looked stunned. “I speak not mush english… sorry. We are in what is called Asylum. We never again see the light outside.” she told me. I wondered what she meant. Surly I would only be there a few hours, at most. The man took me into an old white room where I stood wondering what was going on.

Then the girl named Zofie came in and said we had to share a room. I then realized that there was an old wooden bunk bed and two wood dining room chairs. I didn’t mind. She said we would not eat until next week. I took a bag of candy’s out of my pocket and handed it to her. “Sank you” she said. She ate three and hid them under the bed. I did the same for the rest of the snacks. Then we heard a pounding on the door.
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