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Chapter 2 of my unfinished story. Working on more.
Chapter two
The man pushed a white dress into my face and told to change into it. The dress was two sizes too big and reached to my ankles. I pulled my wavy blonde hair into two ponytails with two of my scrunchies that I keep on my wrists. I had a total of four. I handed Zofie two and she smiled and pulled her curly dark brown hair into a messy bun. The man knocked on the door and told us we would have to go to the common room. When we got there, there was one large chair. It had straps that looked like very old seat belts. Dr. Schmidt took me there and told me to sit down, so I did. He told Zofie to go wait in the other room. She left, but looked fearful.

After I was seated and Zofie had left, he buckled all the straps. Then proceeded to push a few buttons. A shock went through me followed by harsh pain. This went on for an hour. I was extremely sore when I came back out. I walked with Zofie back to our little room. We were both silent. I fell to the floor as soon as I walked in.
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