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Sexual tension between two young lovers.

A pitcher of beer and two glasses balances delicately in my hands as I zigzag my way through all the people in the Eagles tonight. Most nights it's quiet in here but tonight I really have to wiggle my way around all the people playing pool and drinking. Ahh, there she is setting up the table, racking the balls and getting ready to shoot, hell, we were lucky to get a table at all tonight. There were only four tables in the club but tonight we had to wait almost an hour for a table. I could smell her perfume from the table as I set the pitcher and glasses down. She always smelled so good when we were out, it's as if she were teasing me with her body while we were in public, but I loved every minute of it.
She walked up real close to me like she were trying to get as close as she could without touching me, reached around me and grabbed her beer and walked to lean up against the wall with that 'I got ya' look on her face. But oh how that made me hot!

"Your break babe." She said with a sly smile.

"I got it, hun." I said back to her.

I pulled a house cue from right next to her; she just snuggled close to me, once again just close enough to almost touch me. She was teasing me for sure. Reaching around her I picked my cue acting like nothing was going on. She loved to tease me in public, to see my reactions and I always tried not to show any reaction but somehow I always failed miserably, but that doesn't stop me from trying.
After breaking, I get the 11 ball in.

"I guess I'm stripes." I said.

"Let's make this interesting, shall we?"

"Oh crap! What do you have in mind?" I asked nervously as I know she can come up with some weird shit sometimes.

"Since you're strips, you have to take something off when you miss a shot." She told me as she sips her beer against the wall.

"First of all, that's striped, not strips. And what happens if you miss?" I ask.

"Nothing, your strips, not me."

"Stripes, not strips!" I told her looking apprehensively around at all the players in the room. I was kind of shy, she, on the other hand, being a redhead, pulled the extrovert out of me and most of the time I liked it, but this was beyond my comfort zone. But of course she was Val and who was I to say no to Val, besides I was feeling good tonight, I probably won't be taking anything off. That counseling and those classes sure brought out the crazy in her, but I'm still glad we went. I never knew there were classes. I should have thought of that with my ex when that all happened to her.

"And what are you taking off when you miss?"

"Nothing, but when I miss I get to do one thing that you want me to do at home. But only if you follow my rules."

This could be very good for me, ever since we've been going to counseling she has really come out of her shell and is willing to do almost anything in the bedroom, within reason of course. So I prepared to do the intolerable. I would just have to explain to others that it was a bet and with someone as good looking as Val, I don't think anyone would question it.

She still stood up against the wall as I lined up my first shot. It was a straight shot, as in I couldn't miss and I didn't. I looked over at her and saw the glint in her eye; that look that told me that she was hoping that I'd win just as much as she hoped that I would lose. It was a good thing this was a private club, I could at least explain away what would happen if I lost this round, but after this first shot, I had all the confidence in the world, still, that look in her eye.

About halfway through the night, the manager, Sandi, walked up to me.

"Uhm, listen Steve. What do you think you're doing? You're in your boxers! We can't have that in our club."

"I am losing a bet," I told her with a nervous laugh. Just then Val walked up to her.

"It's okay Sandi. I've had my fun; I'll let him put his clothes back on." She said as she gave my ass a little squeeze. She would have NEVER been this brash without her counseling.

"Fine, but make sure he doesn't lose any more of this bet of yours, It stops now! Or I'll cut you both off and 86 you both."

All around the bar I could hear little chuckles and quiet snickers. As I looked around people were turning back to their games or their drinks. Yeah, it was embarrassing but I still feel like it was worth it.

"Okay, that was worth some points for you, but I still can't believe you lost all three games like that. It's as if you wanted to lose or something." She said with a wink and a smile. "You do have some exhibitionist in you? Don't you?"

"I would rather have had that turned around on you, but I didn't think you would ever do that to me, you evil lady," I said with a smirk.
With that, I put my clothes back on and downed another beer; all the while she was eyeballing me and waiting patiently for me to rack the balls for another game. I was determined to win this one; I started out so good too.

As I was racking the balls she came up behind me, put her hands around my waist and leaned up to whisper something in my ear.

"You'll see that it was all worth it when we get upstairs tonight." I lived upstairs in the apartments above the club, so that way we could both drink as much as we wanted and neither of us would have to drive. She gave me a little squeeze and backed off to break. I loved the feel of her body against mine and I started to rise to the occasion when I felt her warm breath on my ear. We have had sex a couple of times before but for some reason seeing her in that skirt and loosely fitting leather jacket tonight just made me even hotter. It makes me wonder how some couples can lose sexual interest in one another. I could never lose that interest in her, but them, I'm just usually a horny bastard anyway.

As I walked away from the table I heard her break and immediately turned around to see the 8 ball fall into the side pocket. 'Great! Yet another loss, WOW! I suck tonight!'

"Rack 'em up again my love." She said as I turned back to re-rack the balls. She just sat there at the other end of the table smiling.

"Ya couldn't even let me have a chance this time?" I asked her sarcastically.

"Now why would I want to go and do a dumb thing like that?"

"Yeah, but I bet you can't do that again," I said trying to goad her into another bet.

"You REALLY want to go there again tonight with me." She asked looking as seductive as she could. 'She is really trying to vamp up this sex thing tonight. What else could she possibly do to me that could be any worse than what she did earlier?' "So then let's make it so that if I make it in again, I go straight home after this game-"

"No! I don't think so!" And with that the bet died, I didn't even want to chance it. She didn't make it, but that didn't surprise me. What did surprise me was all the touching and taunting she was doing tonight. It's like she found a new obsession. We had only had sex a couple of times since she's been going to the classes and counseling and she has been coming out of her shell more and more lately. But this was new, even for her. She had never been this aggressive before. This excited me even more. What would she be willing to try tonight that she hasn't tried before?

I went to go and take my shot on the open table, 7 ball, corner pocket. She leaned over the pocket to reveal her cleavage.

"Like, I've never looked at that before babe," I said with a smile determined to make my shot.

"Yes but you always get distracted by it anyway hun."

"Not this time babe, I am concentrating on my shot. I'm GOING to win at least one game tonight." I tried not to look but she leaned down closer to the table as I stared down the end of my cue stick. It was sheer luck that I made the shot. She stood up looking sour and just said "Hmmph". I was now in the position to take my 2 ball down into the other corner when she came up behind me, her hand slowly, softly gliding up my back. Her body brushing up against my side putting her hand on my arm and making a huge show of trying to distract me from my shot. I got to tell you that it was working. The hairs on my neck began to rise. She was being extraordinarily intense. 'Win or lose, this game is the last one! I'm so hot right now it's time to go upstairs.' She sends her hand down my arm to my hand that is holding the cue stick and gently blows in my ear. Suddenly, I retract my cue stick grab her with my free arm and kiss her hard. She kisses back but then stops the kiss and pulls away.

"Not here in public!" She had her reservations about public shows of affection and I forgot; she's not all the way there yet. "You'll just have to wait for it, mister." She said with a bit of a scowl on her face.

'Way to screw this up dumbshit!' She then put her arms up around my neck and looked me square in the eyes.

"I have been waiting all night for you to lose control like that, so after this game and a couple of beers we can go home." She gave me a little peck on the lips. At least she let me kiss her for a few seconds in public, which was another good sign that she was getting more comfortable with things, namely, me. My ex had taught me the value of patience when she was going through the rape. I wasn't there when she got raped but I was there the next day for her when she was in so much pain and torment. I wasn't even allowed to touch her for a week. Then when I was it was just a slight touch, no more sex. I thought I had done something wrong until it came out after we had broken up, that she had been raped. We broke up and I found out, I felt like such an asshole. I knew then that I should have been more patient with her and found out what was going on before breaking up with her. But now, I can tell that my patience with Val is really paying off, she has never been as vibrant as she is being right now and I love it! All of it, it's like watching a new person emerging from an old and battered one. Are you going to take your shot or what?" After that I let her win that game, but in the end, I feel I still won anyway.

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