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A personification of my home back in the year 2000.
The Empty House

I am empty and need
Some tender loving care.
I have many scattered weeds,
And plenty of space to share.

Vines are creeping all around me,
Taking over my foundation.
Soon I will need debris removed,
And maybe some restoration.

My structure is pretty much intact,
The furnace is over 30 years old.
But having a few cracks,
Shouldn't prevent from being sold.

Some painting and trimming,
Would improve my appearance.
I have no pool for swimming,
Or a garden with a white fence.

But this shouldn't keep a family,
from showing some interest;
Since I have four beautiful trees,
That make up for the rest.

I have been on the market,
For as long as I can remember.
No one has bought me yet,
But a family, I will have, come December.

June 25, 2006
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