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Life is stressful and unstressful?

Adulting's a bitch
                   but Fug it! One more shot!
                                                 Money never sleeps, but
                                                                               it only keeps me awake.
That's a later problem
                             like being the only one caught speeding.
                                                                                         Coping by self induced anarchy.
sudden flashbacks of
                   tickets for jay walking
                   celebrating the fifth of November
                   accomplishing No Nut November unknowingly.

These flashbacks spawns many options.
                                       Alcoholism is now an option.
                                                           Non-sensual drugs is now an option.
                                                                               Playing Fortnite all day?
Not an option... #stressed

I was skinny-shamed by fat people today,
                             skinny people have feelings too,
                                       now i'm getting extra fries with a side of agony #unstressed.

My boss is really on my ass today
                   This is why people say 'fuck work'. Btw fucking McDonald's gave me
                                                                                                   chicken nuggets instead of chicken tenders, #stressed
                                                                                         Whatever Chic Fil-A is better anyway and the customer service reminds of
                                                                                                                                                                                             Breaking bad.
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