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It's about a girl named Roxy and she goes out on a adventure then there's a plot twist
There was a girl named Roxy she was a magical fox and she could make fire but she never really did only as a shield but otherwise she didn't use her power

One day a phoenix sweeps her up from the sky and dropped her above a abanded island and she made a fire trial so she wouldn't get hurt

There she was at the cold night using her powers to make a dome around her to keep her warmth at night

The next day she explored the island she meet a deer she was shy,nice,and a baby she said her parents went near the volcano and disappeared

She keeped exploring the island and seen the deer shapeshift into a fox then she ran then sees the shape shifter as a fox the shape shifter flirts and she runs to the bay of the island the shape shifter said theirs no way to get off this island and then she made a path of fire to get off the island

3 weeks later she's on a island and all of a sudden there's a black hole (not space one)and every one animal falls in to it then she falls into it and now she is in a room the she says "it was just a dream well time for school"

Short story
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