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Meet Dog. Do you love Dog? Dog love you!
This is Dog.

Dog go bark.

Bark, bark, bark.

Happy Dog run.

Dog run fast.

Dog eat food.

Food make Dog sleepy.

Dog go poop.

Uh-oh, Dog poop on carpet.

Dad yell at Dog.

Why Dad no like Dog?

Dog like Dad.

Dad drinks.

Dog drinks too.

Dad is loud.

Dog is louder.

Dad kicks Dog.

Dog bites Dad.

Red drips on carpet.

Dad is sleepy.

Did Dad eat too much?

Dog goes outside.

Grass is cold.

Dog play with ball.

Mom come home.

Dog is happy.

Dog love Mom.

Mom yell at Dad.

Dad so tired.

Dog jump at Mom.

Mom push Dog away.

Dog has tail.

Dog wag tail.

Mom talk on phone.

Dog sit down.

Dad is cold.

Mom put blanket on Dad.

Girl come home.

Dog is happy.

Dog love Girl.

Girl yell at Dad.

Why Girl yell?

Dog jump at Girl.

Girl pat Dog.

This Dog Home.

Dog love Home!
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