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by Galaxy
Rated: 13+ · Other · Death · #2190784
It's about a girl who's powerful and can hurt people there will be a 2nd one
One day a girl was getting bullied under the bridge in her 2nd year in middle school for the 100th time but today she wouldn't let them give her scratches so she went home a different way then she went to the mall and made herself look tough at the end she had 3 dollars and she bought a mask the mask was black with a big smile filled with sharp teeth

The next day when she went home she went the shortcut under the bridge and the bullies said "who are you and who do you think you are "in a threatened voice she said "I'm your old friend Sakura you think I'm weak right " the bullies said " no you got to be kidding where are all the scratches " then Sakura showed them the scratches and smiled then one bully tries to give her a new stretch with scissors but Sakura doges then throws the scissors she took and they get stuck between to bricks and the bullies try to take it out as Sakura walks away

A week later the bullies under the bridge have 1 knife per each and Sakura says "Are those fake cause you can kill me with those" they start throwing themselves at her she doges and takes the knives and throws them and she didn't know that they would hit the bullies and kill them she ran home after getting rid of the evidence she was in her bed thinking about what happened and she didn't feel guilty she felt happy in a wierd way

3 days later she was in the hallway and someone left her a note in her locker saying
I know what you did meet me at the east bridge tomorrow at 8pm  
She was scared that someone knew what she did she held it to her chest then crutches it into a ball then looked left and right "who knows" she said the next day at 7:59pm she was running to the east bridge and it was a boy he was waering all black "before you ask we know everything your a yundere but we don't know who your crush is and i want you to join us so yes or no" he said "tell me who you are then I'll think about it right now it's no so..."she said getting cut off "well we kill people and we get paid no were not assassins we're called P.K.'s it means powerful killers so"he said "ok yes know can you tell me or show me who you are" she said without hesitation then he said "later after we see how powerful you are"

4 years later they fell in love know there in 11th grade one day she went to kill another person (aka her 10,000) then the persons husband pointed a gun at her he had 5 billets she used her machete to block 4 billets the 5th bullet went in his haed "thanks my love"she said "he could have killed you what happened"he said "my 10,000 kill"she said then someone like a assassin shot her in the head and shot him in the leg she said "the jobs done"as she shot his head to make sure he's dead next thing she knows she's fighting God and Satan for her life back cuase he moved tje bullet and made it look like he's daed

A dark side of me of depression
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