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Rated: 13+ · Other · Comedy · #2190838
A young reporter finds herself in a tight spot while gathering info for her latest story.
Twenty-five year old news reporter Sally Thompson was walking along when she spotted a tree trunk and went over to have a closer look.

With her good looks including blond hair and a curvy figure,many saw Sally as just another ditzy young woman who had no real interest in journalism but they would be proven wrong as Sally had a real interest in journalism,have studied it for many years and always tried her best to report on the life's of ordinary people and topics.
Sally looked at the tree trunk and noticed it had a hole in the middle of it and decided to explore it given the fact that had been doing research into trees for a upcoming story.

Sally stuck her head inside the tree trunk and after having to use some effort to squeeze in her large breasts her entire top half was inside leaving only her hips curvy backside and legs sticking out.
The young woman took a selfie and a video of herself inside the tree trunk but as she was doing so,a dog walking passed spotted her situation and grabbed the seat of her short blue skirt and began to pull.

Feeling the sudden tugging and the dog growling,Sally began wiggling her backside while saying, "Let go of my skirt you naught dog" but still the dog continued to pull until a RIP sound was heard and Sally's face turned beet red with embarrassment as she realised that the dog had pulled off the seat of her skirt and exposed her bubble butt which was barely covered by black panties. The dog then ran off leaving Sally now with her underwear showing. "That's annoying,I really liked that skirt", said Sally as she then tried to back out of the tree trunk but discovered that she couldn't.

"That's a bad sign," said Sally as she placed her hands against the tree trunk and pushed and pushed with all her might but still she didn't move.
Now concerned and a bit annoyed,Sally said to herself,"this is ridiculous,I can't be stuck,I'm a 25 year old woman,not some teenager" as she then tried to push herself free again even putting her foot against the tree trunk for leverage but still she didn't budge no matter how hard she tried.
"It's no use", said the humiliated young woman as she then phoned her best friend Katie,who burst out laughing when she told her that she was stuck and Katie said"I'll be there as quick as possible"

30 minutes later, Katie arrived and burst out laughing at the ridiculousness of the sight of her best friend's enormous barely covered bubble butt sticking out of the tree trunk and joked"I think your butt looks great from that position" as Sally then started to laugh at how ridiculous she must have looked before Katie grabbed onto Sally's hips and pulled and pulled while Sally pushed.

The two best friends pulled and pushed with all their strength but still Sally refused to come free. "Wow, you're really wedged in there tight" said the exhausted Katie as she took a picture of her best friend's barely-covered rear end before phoning for some more help.
"I feel so embarrassed", said Sally as the two waited for help to arrive.
"Hey,it could happen to anyone, said Katie,"I mean it's not like you meant to get stuck."

Soon help,in the form of Sally's girlfriend Chloe, Katie's boyfriend Chris and the two's other friend Kristen and after everyone laughed at how ridiculous Sally looked and Sally explained the situation a chain was formed with Katie pulling Sally's hips, Chloe pulling Katie's waist, Chris pulling Chloe's t-shirt and Kristen pulling Chris's belt.
"1,2,3, heave" said Katie as everyone pulled and pulled on Sally.
"OW,that hurts",said Sally as she didn't budge.
"Heave", said Katie again as everyone pulled and pulled even harder.
"OW", this isn't going to work, said Sally as still the tree trunk refused to let her go.
"Could you maybe try pushing again", said Katie as she then told everyone else,"come on everybody put your backs into it heave."
Everyone pulled and pushed with all their strength and even the dog from earlier grabbed the hem of Kristen's skirt and began to pull until a POP sound was heard and Sally was pulled from the tree trunk at last sending everyone flying backwards into a heap on the grass.

"Thank goodness for that", said Sally as she then hugged Katie and Chloe and thanked everyone for their help before everyone laughed at the ridiculousness of the situation as Chloe gave her hoodie to Sally to cover up the hole in her skirt.

The next day,Sally went to the news station and everyone she passed seemed to be laughing about something until she asked her co-reporter,"what's everyone laughing about?"
"You,Sally",he replied as he then showed her a story online with the headline"Reporter's tree trunk troubles" and featured a picture of her barely-covered rear end sticking out of the tree trunk and another one of everyone pulling on her.
Despite feeling embarrassed,Sally then started to laugh as she said to herself, "I suppose I did look really ridiculous" as she went to her dress room to get ready.
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