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Pueblo Ta Papia mosto popular radio show in the afternoon on Hit 94 Fm Stereo Aruba.
Oranjestad - Its for me a pleasure to write today in the english language,always is my papiamento first thats my native language that we use in Aruba,The Happy island.
I have learned Journalism but practice it in our native language,but now I will try to do it in the english language.
Its so important to know that in Aruba our listeners of Hit 94 FM Stereo is so very open to give their opinions.
For 20 years its for me the honor to be the person in charge for the radio show for the people in Aruba.
People of Aruba express them self on the air and give others to react. The reactions are positive and negative it depends how you understand the message of the listener that give his opinion in the air.

some times during this popular show we get some problems,confrontations with other listener that are not so positive with each other. In Aruba people like to talk about politics. There is 2 big party that people fight and you can understand so when one of them is in the air you only wil listen to positive that his party did or is doing now in the goverment.
Meanwhile the other part that come by turn on the air you can imagine how hot it will sound when this caller give his side of the opinion.

Its a very interested radio show that we present in the afternoon in Aruba. Some times we also receive political personality live in the studio during the show,here is where the action start with all the audience that radio Hit 94 FM have in his daily broadcast.

During the show we also can listen to the bussiness stores that is part of the sponser ship of the show.
In some ocation listeners arive at the radio station to send their opinions live on the air.
The opinions are very personal and always dedicated to the goverment in charge in Aruba.

But we always get other listeners that give other type of informations like medical,social and economics.
I invite you when you are in Aruba to listen to Pueblo Ta Papia on Hit 94 FM Stereo on the 94.1 MHZ.
I hopi you like this first item.
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