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by Galaxy
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It's about a mom it's sad and emotional for mothers day
(Narrater) Iris was born when she was six her dad died right now she is eleven she has a twin sister named Liris that is heham spoiled but yeah there mom loves them so much

(Iris's view)Liris bullies me everyday home,school,everywhere that I am and she's there she bullies me she was nice till our dad died

"Iris don't mind your sister shes just sad" mom said "I'm sad to but I don't hurt her"I said "sweetie please stop and be smart and dodge or run ok" mom said in a worried voice "ok" i replied I went to my room to grab some clothes and I don't see any of Liris's clothes and I scream "Mom sis's clothes are gone all of them"

On Monday "hey sis mom doesn't know where you are please tell her where you've been"I said to my sister with a new makeover "NO!" She yelled at me that's when I started to cut myself I am know called a bad girl for the way I dress but I'm actually not a bad girl

When my mom found out I cut myself she took me to the mental hospital and she was sad my sister was sad but didn't show it I don't do it no more I let my sister and I take the blame

One day our mom was crying and the day after that she was i don't know how to put this but she died my sister blamed it on me the day before i already scheduled to die at 5 and i did that the day my mom died before I killed myself I said "Mommy" while crying and then I committed suicide

(Liris's view)My whole family is dead my dad,mom,and Iris "no" i said in a crying voice a three years later I died from a bad car crash and I went to he'll and I sole my sister she died with the suicide sin then I sole my dad he died with a accidental kill then I sole my mom she died with a sin? I died with alot of sins

Moms sin was killing noninicent people for money "Mommy"I said "I love you"I added

A slightly real story dedicated to my mother and my sister.


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