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I have written an essay about teens behavior
”Teens life”
Being a teen is never easy for everyone.I mean it is not easy for the teen and also for the parents.Teens are very impulsive and agrasive sometime.They are not like that always but the pressure make them like this.Just a rumor can make they very dangerous.A teen always need to be invited in party because if they are not they feel sad and lonely.Lonliness sometime make you feel sadness so those feelings work together to bring alive the suicide the worst thing for a teen.The point is teens are ununderstanable.One day they are super happy the next one they are about to kill themselves.As a teen I ama bit ununderstandable because I hide my real feelings in front of parents.Most of the time I am sad because those days I am mad with everyone.My life is a bit under the weather those times but I know I will be okay.As I said a teen will always be a trouble.*Sob*
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