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by J.M
Rated: ASR · Chapter · Dark · #2190908
Wolfie is a pet. She has no family. But Sanu becomes her father. But the others are angry.
         Wolfie is a wolf cub. She was born a human. She was sold to a man who only used her for his needs. Her punishments were harsh. And her rewards were even worse. She ran away when she thought she has had enough. She lived on the streets for weeks upon weeks, only to be put into a shelter. She stayed in that shelter for over 3 years. She is now 7 years old. Tomarrow is when her whole life will change forever. But she just doesn't know it yet.
         "Wake up Wolfie! You have a buyer!" The shelter owner banged on her door. The shelter owner was nice when she first met her, but over time, she got so busy that she got more stern and angry. Wolfie got up and put on some clean clothes. After she put on her flower girl dress, she exit the room. She went to the front, were the others were all lined up. A man with soft white hair, cut to his ears, was standing there, asking questions. She was wearing a suit, but with no tie. Wolfie got into her spot, which was the end of the line. She was the youngest. Today was her birthday. The man walked to the end of the line.
         "I don't thing we had a chance to talk yet. Whats your name little one?" He had a much softer voice than the other men that came in there day after day.
         "My name is Wofie, sir." Wolfie had the voice of soft roses on a sunny summer day, in full bloom. Or so he thought they sounded like. He kneeled down, and ruffled her beautiful blone and grey hair. Her ears were cut clean off. As well as her tail skinned to the actual bone. Even with what looks to be painful, she still manages to make a smile. Her eyes are filled pain from her past, but her face shows a happy looking future. Her clothes are stained with memories of her pain, but her skin is stained with memories of her happiness.
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