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by J.M
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A young artist dreams of being the next best painter, but her schoolwork holds her down.
         When i was under the age of 5, i loved drawing. I would always try and draw something pretty. But i was never good at faces, noses, or anything that had to do with the body. I started to try and draw people. Only the head's though.

         I thought it looked good, even my parents said they love it. But then i seen what another kid drew. I was upset becuase i knew that my drawing could never compare to hers. I started to work harder. But i ended up pushing myself too hard.

         I thought to myself for once. "I can do better! But not today." I had pushed my self so hard to try and get better at drawing. I would work for about 5 minutes, and then my hand would start shaking. It still does. Drawing is never the same after that one point. But on my birthday, I got back to work after receiving my first art kit. Art 101 kits art set.

         When I drew my first tree, I knew is was bad.
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