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The Extended review of the game Garry's Mod that is available for purchase on Steam.
         I'd say in essence, this game is based around it's replay-ability. Originally made by Garry Newman as a Mod for Half-Life 2, this game is quite unlike any other, a mod made for a game to be made into a game to be modded. Quite the mouthful, but you aren't reading this for digression, so here's my opinion on this facet of the game: It's incredibly replay-able, in fact it's one of the most replay-able games I've ever laid my hands on. It comes with one of the most heavily organized and intuitive workshops on the site, and on that the quality control therein is also incredible.

         However, there is a second side to the double-edged sword that is a fully open sandbox game. Boredom. When you're like me, and have sunk over 700+ hours on this account alone it can get boring. Especially if you don't use mods, which I would heavily recommend. The game has a fair amount of substance yes, but that in and of itself can be lackluster if it's all the game has to offer. And as a standalone, there is no story to Garry's Mod, there is no underlying horror or other defining factor to a 'playthrough' of the game, if you could even call it that. It can, and most likely will get boring if you let it, so be like Garry, don't.

For Replay-ability, I give it 7/10

         Where to begin for this topic. Well, originality is a surprisingly subjective term. To me, a cappuccino is quite the original drink, but to someone who drinks them daily, not so much. From a newcomer's perspective, I'd say the concept is quite enticing; a game that has virtually no limits (and who's only limits can be removed by use of the console and with mods) and a wide variety of base-game content to be explored and plundered. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I have never seen anything like Garry's Mod in my entire history of video-game consumerism.

For Originality, I give it 10/10

         Well, seeing as this is the biggest part of the game, this is going to be the longest part of my review. Garry's mod brings to the table—as stated previously—a wide variety of gameplay features and mechanics. The everlasting 'Phys-Gun' which is the primary item used in the game has many uses, whether it be posing average props and freezing them in space or grabbing an RDM-er in DarkRP, this is clearly the most versatile and important part of the game. The controls are simple, and easily customizable from the options menu as with every Valve-centric game.

         There are a few notable features that affect gameplay quite a bit. One of the biggest I've already mentioned, and that is Modding. Again, this being the most fleshed-out feature it brings a lot to the table that without would leave the game bare and quite frankly a failure. Secondly, is the Multiplayer aspect, which as you might expect allows you to play with multiple people on one server/map. There are even to this day quite a large amount of servers, most of which use the standard Sandbox gamemode, but there are countless others that use various modded gamemodes. The most popular of which seem to be DarkRP, Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT), and PropHunt. There are many others as well, feel free to browse them from the Workshop.

         However again, there are still things to be desired. The graphics are sub-par being an old game, and they struggle to keep up the majority of the time. The game also has had an issue with node-graphing at various points in time. There are frequent updates, some of which bring new or different content, but most of which are simple bug-fixes and other maintenance related sorts.

For Gameplay, I give it 9/10

Overall Opinion
         I have played this game more than most, all in all, I've played over 10,000 hours of Garry's Mod as of writing this review, and I can say for certain that even if you get bored eventually, and even if the game eventually dies and is lost to oblivion, this will be a beloved purchase and you will not be let down by what you find. So go ahead, buy it, and if you're still skeptical, wait for a sale.

For Overall, I give it an 86/100
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