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The Extended review of the game Team Fortress 2 that is available for purchase on Steam.
         Team Fortress 2 is an essential game for anyone's library. From extraordinary cosmetics that can all be earned from playing the game without paying, to a wide range of varying maps and characters, to a community that is 12 years old and going strong, there are many amazing aspects of Team Fortress 2. Simply put, this game is worth your time, even if you only download it for it's use in other games.

         Team Fortress 2 is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter, meaning there is no story or 'campaign' do be done. The game revolves around 9 characters that provide differing play-styles between them, and cosmetic/practitional items that differ each user's character from the next. The game is designed to never get old, from aforementioned cosmetics to stock and player-created maps for gameplay, there are hundreds of hours worth of content to be explored and re-explored at any given time.

         There are also radiant events such as holiday drop-increases to special once-a-year gamemodes, these provide a reason to hop back into the action, seeing as you can only play them ususally between 1 week or some times only 1 day of the year, you'd definitely not want to miss it and have to wait another round. I have certainly exhausted all I can personally find interesting in the game, but I still play it now and again because I know there is always more I haven't found yet.

For Replay-ability, I give it 9/10

         You may be thinking, "How can a game that is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter be original? It's been done countless times, most of which seem to be more popular" and that is a fair presumption to make. However, I draw you closer to the community in which this game anchors itself. There are hundreds if not thousands of items, maps, and most definitely players to be found within the game, most of these have their own secrets or other functions to be uncovered.

         There is a paid loot-box system that has been around since the game's inception, and these can be earned through game-play, bought, gifted, or simply given at any random start-up of the game. That's right, you can be given rare and unusual items simply by starting the game. But another original concept I've seen is the ability to craft said items. Most of the cosmetic and functional items in the game can be crafted, given enough skill and items. These crafted items can always be traded, even ones who normally are non-tradeable or non-marketable, since you made them yourself. It's a great way to engage players more by not only rewarding them for playing, but giving them a chance to turn their rewards into even better items.

For Originality, I give it 6/10

         The most noticeable and as some would say the best part about the game is it's aesthetic. Featuring an early 2000's 3D animated graphics style, with subtle updates each year, the game's graphics are not only a big part of it's gameplay, but are also timeless and unique. Other noteable titles to take from this style of design are Overwatch and Fortnite, both of which add their own flare and redesign.

With the different characters, come different play-styles. They are as follows:
         As you can tell simply from their names, and the knowledge that each of these characters get their own unique and shared cosmetic and functional items, there is a wide variety of playstyles to be found. The gameplay is engaging, from certain metas like the ever-popular Heavy-medic to map-handicaps like increased gravity so you can't launch yourself as a Demo-Man, the gameplay is quite fun and is certainly interesting at the very least.

For Gameplay, I give it 8/10

Overall Opinion
         TF2 is an amazing and timeless classic, and on top of that is free to play. I see no reason why not to download it, if not just to give it a try. It also contains a surmountable collection of assets that can be used in other games such as Garry's Mod. If you find yourself bored, boot up Team Fortress 2 and give it a go. You won't be disappointed.

For Overall, I give it a 76/100
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2190955