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by Paul
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Disjointed understanding.

“Honey? Honey, wake up, you’re getting burned.”

“Umpff. What time is it?”

“I don’t know, you have the watch.”

“Yeah. Oh crap, it’s 3:40, start packing, we gotta get outa here.”

“Why? There’s still hours of sun left.”

“True, but tides don’t wait for sunset. We gotta move, we’re in danger.”

“Okay, gimme a minute.”

“We don’t have minutes, move faster, there’s only a thread of sand left by that prominence and it shoals out steep so it’ll come in fast. I can see it moving. Faster.”

“I am not leaving this new umbrella, it cost me 3 hundred bucks.”

“It’s not worth dying for. Move, now.”

“You’re exaggerating again, you do that all the time.”

“This is not an exaggeration, MOVE. We’ve already lost half that sand. Leave it and run, I’ll buy you another.”

“Why’d you wait so long if it was a problem?”

“I fell asleep. I told you to wake me at 2:30 if that happened.”

“I was not wearing my new watch on this beach. It cost me a lot more.”


“Ooff, running in sand is hard. Why do I let you talk me into these things?”

“I didn’t, this was your pick. If you don’t hurry drowning is going to a lot harder.”

“Oh crap, I stepped on a rock.”

“I don’t give a shit, RUN,”

“I’m trying . . . There, were around the point, now what?”

“Up the beach, past that ridge of sand and flotsam, that’s the high tide line.”

“Okay, now what? All of our stuff was in the chest.”

“You mean that one?

“ Holy crap. Well I hope whoever finds it enjoys it. When do I get my new one?”

“After my heart attack.”


“No, it isn’t. Where’s the keys?”

“Oh, shit.”
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