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The coin that brought me back on my own world - Prologue
The stone altar feels cold as the flame from the floor lamps at the altar dances to the gentle breeze coming into the giant hall. Thick stone columns installed with flaming torches on its side supporting the building lines up like towering trees from the stone altar towards the giant door at the other end of the hall. It seems to be the only way out of this magnificent structure.

A person has been lying on the stone altar for quite some time now. Cold air from an unknown direction passes on each side of his head causing chills coming from his ears that run through his whole body. That woke him up with an aching head. He slowly opened his eyes as he peered on the arches in front of him. Labored with intricate designs, one can simply wonder about how long and how many people would be needed to complete this kind of work.

He rose up holding his forehead. He uttered to himself, "Did I went to one of those temples that I always pass by going back home while I'm drunk last night?". Still wondering on where he is he said to himself, "I don't think this is one of those buildings, this is way too big.". Feeling some weight from one of the pockets of his work pants, he slowly reached out to see what it might be. "What are these coins? I don't remember having this last night. Where are my things? Have I been mugged last night?" the person said. He thoroughly inspected the 2 pieces of gold coins embellished with intricate design and noticed some writings from one side of it. He slowly reads it. "Ego ingredior viam meam domum. What does this mean?" he asked himself. Suddenly a change in the temperature and the movement of the air can be felt. It's too obvious that it clearly shows through how the flame coming from the altar lamps violently moves. The flame of the torches coming from the giant door's died out one by one until the only ones left are the flame coming from the altar lamps. A voice is suddenly heard "Grata domum, dominus"...

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